How to Clean Wooden Salad Bowl – Care, Maintenance & Restore Tips

Do you want to know “How to Clean Wooden Salad Bowl?” In this article, we share all about the wooden salad bowl cleaning process step by step with maintenance, care, restore & buying tips.

How to Clean Wooden Salad Bowl

Plastic, glass, and metal are the most used materials in making kitchenware. However, wood has been one of the most used materials in making utensils. In the last five decades, people have started using wood to create beautiful bowls and mugs.

Why should you buy a wooden salad bowl in a decade where glass and metal utensils are affordable and highly available? The answer is that wood utensils make a statement, and they are (without a doubt) beautiful. If you love eating your salad comfortably (and making a statement in the process), you should consider wooden bowls.

Unlike three decades ago, wooden bowls are available on multiple platforms, and there is enough information on how to take care of the wooden utensils. Besides, the wooden utensils are also durable, and they can last for years before breaking.


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How to clean a wooden salad bowl step by step

Contrary to popular belief, wooden containers are the easiest type of bowl to clean. The following is a complete guide on how to clean a wooden salad bowl — with minimal effort and with materials available at home.

Step – 1: Handwashing the wooden salad bowl

Handwashing is one of the simplest ways of keeping your wooden salad bowl clean. The method is also one of the most effective ways of ensuring that the bowl is clean at all times. How should you wash a wooden salad bowl? The following are some of the simple ways of washing your bowl.

Step – 2: Use soap to clean wooden salad bowl

Use soap and cleaning cloth to remove dust and general dirt on your wooden bowl. In most cases, most of the dirt and dust are easily removable using soap and water. However, you should ensure that the process is gentle, and you handle the bowl well.

Step – 3: Let the bowl dry

After washing the bowl with soap and water, you should give the bowl at least one or two hours to dry. Although there are drying machines, you should let the wooden bowl dry naturally. There are several reasons why air-drying is vital for your bowl.

Step – 4: Repeat the process

If the wooden bowl is not clean after the first wash, you should repeat the process

The second time, however, you should take your time to clean all the dirt spots. There is a difference between being gentle to your bowl and using more soap to clean the bowl.

Step – 5: Hand-sand the bowl for better-looking bowl

After cleaning the bowl in the previous step, you will notice that the bowl has some unremovable spots. These spots cannot be removed through soap washing. Fortunately, you can use hand-sand cleaning to remove the spots and make the bowl smooth. Some of the steps to follow in this process include the following.

Step – 6: Ensure that the dish is clean from all dirt and dust

The success of this process depends on how tasty the dish is, and more importantly if the bowl has regained its texture and color. If you are uncertain about the bowl cleanliness, consider the above steps.

Step – 7: Use 400 grit sandpaper to clean the wooden salad bowl

There are many reasons why 400 grit sandpaper is the best sandpaper for this process. You will notice that if you use another grit size, you may get unsatisfactory results, or you may destroy the bowl. In this process, there are some things to pay attention to, and they include the following.

First, you should understand that the main reason why you are using sandpaper is to remove patches and spots. Therefore, the removal process is selective to certain areas and not to the whole bowl. Second, you should take your time as opposed to doing it in a hurry.

Step – 8: Invest in a suitable wood preserver for your salad bowl

You can never go wrong with investing in a wood preserver. There are tons of advantages to why you should invest in a wood preserver, not just for your salad bowl but also for your kitchen. Some of these reasons include the following.

First, the wood preserver ensures that the cleaning is easier and more efficient. In most cases, the wooden bowls become hard to clean due to aging material. Second, wood preservers also help in maintaining the bowl look and, therefore, no need to use sandpapers.


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How to take care of your wooden salad bowl

Apart from cleaning your wooden salad bowl, taking care of the bowl is essential. What are some of the things you should consider when it comes to taking care of your wooden salad bowl? The following is a simple yet essential guideline on how to take care of your wooden salad bowl.

Step – 1: Always store your wooden salad in a cool and dry place

Where you put your salad-bowl determines a lot of things. For example, if the wooden bowl is exposure to sunlight for long hours, the sun may affect the look and feel of the bowl. However, if you put your bowl is a cool and dry place, you can push the lifespan of the bowl to tens of years.

Step – 2: Buy a wood preserver and learn how to use it

Did you know that wood preserver is one of the critical things you should own in a home? Unlike years ago, wood preservers are available in most local stores. Although prices may vary, it is crucial to understand that not all cheap wood preservers are wrong and vice versa.

Step – 3: Clean the wooden salad bowl after use

Cleaning the wooden salad bowl after use is one of the best ways of ensuring that the bowl retains its color and texture. You may be tempted to wash the salad bowl later after enjoying your salad, but the following can happen. First, the remains may stick to the salad and therefore making it hard to clean it. Second, the remains may discolor the wooden salad bowl over a more extended period.

Step – 4: Avoid using strong soaps when cleaning

Wood is one of the most sensitive materials for making utensils. The use of strong detergents may, therefore, affect the color and texture of the bowl. However, using less collusive solvents give the bowl a natural look after washing.

Step – 5: Only use the wooden salad bowl on salads only

One of the biggest temptations when it comes to wooden bowls is using them on different things. It is, however, important to note that using a wooden bowl to eat different meals affects its color and durability. Some foods, for example, may react with the wood material — and therefore making the wood less durable.

If you want to use wooden bowls on other meals, it is advisable to invest in more than one bowl. Wooden bowls are now affordable, and therefore, adding an extra bowl should not force you to break bank.

Step – 6: Keep wooden bowls away from children

Although wooden bowls are strong and durable than glass utensils, keeping them away from children is one of the most critical steps in safeguarding their durability. If it is a must to use the wooden salad bowl with children, it is advisable to be available.


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How to maintain a wooden salad bowl

Unlike most utensils in your kitchen, wooden salad bowls need unique maintenance routines. These routines ensure that the durability of the bowl is uncompromised, and more importantly, the bowl retains its color and texture over the years. The following are some of the things that are critical as far as the maintenance of a wooden salad bowl is concerned.

Step – 1: Clean the wooden salad bowl regularly

Cleaning the wooden salad bowl more often is one of the most important steps in this process. Cleaning helps in removing all materials that may affect the bowl’s color and texture in the long-term. There are different ways of cleaning the wooden utensils.

However, for efficiency purposes, you should ensure that the wooden salad is cleaned together with other utensils.

Step – 2: Keep the bowl in a special place — better storage

Storage is one of the leading maintenance measures to consider when it comes to wooden salad. Although most homes have ideal conditions for human existence, not all conditions are suitable for wooden materials. Humidity and temperatures may, for example, affect the look and durability of wooden utensils.

In order to avoid these cases, it is advisable to invest in specialized storage for your wooden bowls. Although the special storages are not cheap, they are a good investment on a long-term basis. If you are not planning to invest in extra storage facilities, you can improve on your already existing one.

Step – 3: Avoid using the bowl for different meals

You may be tempted to use the bowl for different meals. Although people use bowls for various reasons, it is essential to note that different meals have different acidities and chemical components. Although these components are not harmful to the human body, they may affect the bowl’s look and feel.

If you want to use more wooden bowls, you should consider investing more pieces to your collection. The decision may be costly for you, but it is the best way of ensuring that the durability of your bowl is uncompromised.

Step – 4: Use wood preserver on your wooden salad bowl regularly

One of the most important things you should have in your home, specifically in your kitchen, is a wood preserver. Your tables, for example, may require protection from a harsh environment. However, a wooden salad bowl requires extra care.

The usage of the wood preserver on your wooden salad bowl may vary because of different reasons. One of these reasons is how often you use the bowl. If you use the salad bowl often, you should use the wood preserver more often.

Does a wood preserver pose any harm to your health? No. Wood preservers are human-friendly, and you should not worry about using a preserver on your wooden bowl. However, following the instructions is key in ensuring that you use the preserver well.


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How to Restore Old Dry Wood Bowls

Do you have an old wooden bowl in your kitchen, and you are unsure about what you should do about it? For most people, old wooden utensils are hard to clean and restore. Fortunately, it is possible to bring old wooden bowls back to life using the following stages.

Clean the wooden bowl

Cleaning is the first and one of the most essential steps in the restoration process. The primary intention is to ensure that you remove any dirt from the wooden bowl. In addition to providing that the bowl is clean, it is important to clean the bowl for easier steps ahead.

Allow the bowl to dry

After cleaning, it is advisable to allow the wooden bowl to dry for at least an hour. Unlike other bowl makes, wooden bowls take longer to dry. Allowing it to dry has its advantages. One of these advantages is that wood gains its looks and texture when dry.

Rub the bowl with lemon and sea salt

After the bowl is dry, you will notice scratches on your wooden salad bowl. The best way to remove these scratches is to use lemon and sea salt. How do you use lemon and sea salt to remove scratches? You first cut the lemon into two and then add sea salt before scratching on the scratches. The process should take at least 10-15 minutes.

Rinse and let the bowl to dry

After rubbing the bowl with lemon and sea salt, you need to rinse the bowl and let it dry. You will note that after using sea salt and lemon, the bowl will get another color — which may not be the original color. Rinsing helps in bringing back the original color. After rinsing, allow the bowl to dry.

Things to consider during the restoration process

Some of the things you should consider during the restoration process include the following.

Be gentle to your wooden bowl

In most cases, how you handle your bowl determines the success rate of your restoration. In each of the above steps, handle the bowl well and with a lot of care.

Do not leave the bowl in the sun for long

One of the main temptation is to let the wooden bowl in the sun for a long period. Even though drying is an important ingredient in the restoration process, the head can negatively affect your wooden bowl.

You can repeat the process if the results are not satisfying

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always repeat the process. The beauty with DIY processes is that repeating the process does not affect you financially. However, the process may consume more time.

The quality of bowl matters in this process

Although the above processes may be universal, the nature of the utes affects the process. If, for example, a bowl made from high-quality material, you may take more time to erase scratches compared to low-quality bowl.

Alternative ways of restoring wooden bowl

Instead of using lemon and sea salt to restore your wooden bowl, there are some materials you should consider, for example, cooking oil. In most cases, cooking oil is a great substitute for lemon and sea salt when it comes to restoring wood-related surfaces. However, the previous steps in the restoration process remain.


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How to choose a wooden salad bowl

Are you unsure about which wooden salad bowl to invest in? Are you new to the world of wooden utensils? The following is a guide on how to choose a wooden salad bowl in your budget.

Know your budget

Budget is one of the key things that determine the kind of wooden salad bowl you should get. Unlike makes of bowls, you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a nice bowl. However, having a definite budget is important in getting a definite bowl quality.

How should you go about budgeting for a salad bowl? What factors should you consider when it comes to selecting an ideal bowl based on your budget?

First, you should be definite on quality, especially in a time where you can get anything at any budget. If you do not have any specific requirements on quality, you have the freedom to invest in any price tag.

Second, it is advisable to be flexible when it comes to setting your budget. Having a flexible budget helps in exploring different makes, and therefore, the chances of getting a better bowl are high.


How unique do you need your wooden salad bowl to look? It is a public secret that most people investing in this type of bowls are looking for unique pieces. It is, however, important to appreciate the fact that uniqueness in this market niche is subjective, and people have a different interpretation of what is unique and what is not.

Therefore, having a rough idea of what you want your wooden bowl to look like is an important step towards getting a good bowl. Some of the factors you should consider when it comes to uniqueness include the following.

  • The bowl textures are key when choosing a unique wooden bowl.
  • The color of the wooden bowl is also a key factor when choosing a bowl based on texture.
  • You should also consider the shape of the wooden bowl when looking for a unique looking bowl.


Durability is one of the key areas to consider when choosing a wooden bowl. Although most people believe that wooden bowls are fragile, it is possible to find a durable piece. The golden secret is to take time to find a masterpiece in a market saturated with all types of the bowl.

First, you should check which materials were used in the manufacturing process. If the wood type is synonymous with quality and durable products, you should invest in it. However, high-end wood may affect your budget. Extreme expensive bowls, for example, are made from durable wood.


How safe is the wooden salad bowl? The safety question is one of the most asked questions in this market. Unlike in other niches where the bowl’s safety is a key feature, you should always consider before investing in a wooden bowl. Some of the things you should consider as far as safety is concerned to include the following.

The bowl must have a smooth exterior for easy handling. The bowl should not hurt if you handle it in the wrong way.

The bowl should also have a smooth interior where any tear or wear should not affect the safety of your salad. The manufacturer must, therefore, consider any future instances of tear or wear.


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Final Thought

From the above subtopics, it is clear that wooden bowls are unique and beautiful. It is also clear that cleaning and restoring old wooden bowls is not far fetched. The notion that wooden bowls are fragile and hard to maintain is, therefore, false. There are, however, some things you should also pay attention to when using wooden bowls.

For example, you must always take care of the wooden bowls — just like other utensils. Second, you should not be shy from cleaning and giving your salad bowls a new look after some time. Finally, if you have children, you should always ensure that they handle the bowl well — before and after use.

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