The Easiest way to peel apples – Best Tips

The process of peeling an apple is not rocket science. However, if you are looking for a faster way to go about it or looking for a safe way to minimize flesh lost during the peeling process, then this is an article for you.

Peeling an apple is hectic work, especially if you need many of them for a recipe like apple pies. The task could be palatable if, for instance, you use a tool to carry out peeling. In that case, you need the drill and a normal vegetable peeler.

The Easiest way to peel apples - Best Tips

In such a case, wash the butterfly/ spade and insert it on the bottom of the apple. Then turn on the drill and put the blade against the fruit and behold the apple being peeled. In this case, you can adjust the speed of the drill for a faster task. You should know that it will take practice to master this process.

If in case you are not looking for a fancy way to go about it, however, you can make the traditional way easier. First, you cut the bottom and top parts with a knife for flat surfaces. Then use the peeler to slice the skin all around. Because of the flat surfaces on the apple, you will have a better surface area to hold as you peel it and hence increase the speed of peeling.

The bottom line of faster skinning is the drilling method.


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How to peel apples fast

Peeling an apple is not easy because of its shape. It becomes grunt work if you are working in a restaurant where you will be required to make large quantities of desserts.  For the traditional way of peeling the apple, then you will need hacks to make the process easier. Paring knife, in this case, could be seen as a better option, but it is slow and unsafe.

Although traditional ways are slow, you can follow some steps to make the process fast and natural. For a faster process, get a vegetable peeler in case you don’t have one. It is safer and will save apple flesh when peeling. Start by peeling the bottoms and make sure you go closer to the core. After peeling, the bottoms turn over the apple and start peeling vertically from top to bottom all around. Turn the apple as you go round.

The fastest way to peel an apple, however, is by using the drilling method. The first and most important step is washing the apples and the tools. After washing them, put the spade at the bottom, place the peeler against the apple, and then turn on the drill and viola! Watch the apple peel very fast.


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The best way to peel apples

Peeling apples is tedious labor of love which you go through preparing sauces, pies, and pickles. With technology comes to time saving and make work easy.  Speed is relative, and therefore, in a restaurant, you will need a faster tool to peel. Therefore with a peeler and a drill, you can have a fast peeling process in your house.

What do you need?

  1. First and foremost, have a fully charged electric drill.
  2. Get a drill with a flat end for more turning effect/torque.
  3. You should have a sharp vegetable peeler.
  4. Have as many apples as you need for your recipe.
  5. You can have goggles, especially if you are an amateur in the drilling method, to protect your eyes.
  6. You will also require a kitchen bin to put the peels because the process is messy.

How to do it

  •  Place the spade on the bottom of the apple
  • Ensure that your fingers are not near the drill.
  • Direct the drill into a composite/ kitchen bin to prevent peels from flying all over the kitchen
  • With the drill moving, place the apple against the peeler until you skin it completely.
  • Repeat the process

Using this method, you can peel an apple within three seconds, regardless of the drill’s speed.

In a situation that you are required to peel a massive number of apples, then you should consider a faster process. Boiling the apples could be one of the fastest ways to deal with pounds of apples.  You put your apples in boiling water for 30-60 sec depending on the kind of skin you are dealing with. Then remove them and put them in ice water. The peels will come off effortless.


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How to peel apples for pies

There has been a discussion on whether apples for pies should be peeled or not. Some people say that they love the taste of apples with skin. Some argue that unpeeled apples are hard, rough and unpleasant and that they choke and are rough on the throat. Research shows that when apple peels are cooked they stick on the teeth.

On the other side, those who love apples with skin say that they add flavor, texture, and nutrients especially the organic ones. They add color to the pie and taste. To some, they prefer keeping them but soften by soaking in cinnamon and sugar. The apples with softer skin can be sliced into smaller chops and serve the purpose.

Subjectively, apples for pies should be peeled. The process of peeling these apples is effortless. You could have them drilled or peeled the traditional way using a vegetable peeler. For the traditional process, use a knife to cut apples’ top and bottom slightly. The cuts create a flat surface area. You could peel the apple vertically from top to bottom, or you could make round cuts from top to blossom end.

In any choice you go with, ensure that it is efficient and fast enough.  The drilling method makes it quite a fast process. Another process is blanching which will take you less than a minute for many apples.


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Easy ways to peel apple boil

Peelers and tools like drills are easy for the task. But in case you are peeling just one apple you can easily use a paring knife or any other knife. Sometimes the peelers could be unnecessary when going for a large number of apples. Boiling is one of the fastest and easiest ways of peeling. The method has been applied for many generations for foods like eggs and potatoes, so why not on fruits like apples?

Skinning vegetables and fruits take a lot of skill and time especially when you are working for a culinary industry. There is, therefore, the need to look for a fast way to carry out the task. The fastest way to peel apples in large numbers is through boiling, which is known as blanching. It is easy and perfect and does not loose apples’ flesh in the process, unlike normal peeling. It is one of the easiest and best ways of peeling.

The process involves first washing the apples and removing the stickers. The second process involves boiling water up to a boiling point. When the water is still boiling, you purge the apples in hot water. You leave them for 30-60 sec and then remove them.

After removing the apples from the hot water, then you soak them in ice water. The apples’ skin will peel off when you rub them. The only part that might not completely peel off is the core. The process is straightforward and easy for many apples.

The last step of the blanching/ boiling method is drying. You could use a kitchen towel and then store your fruits in the refrigerator.


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How to peel an apple without a peeler

The easiest way to peel an apple is through using a vegetable peeler. The aim is to have the apple skin off. In case you don’t have a vegetable peeler, you can either use a sharp knife to peel or blanch them. With a sharp knife, cut the bottom and top of the apple and then proceed to cut vertically for a faster process.

To ensure that you don’t lose apple flesh, use a sharp knife so that you cut lightly. You can as well start by peeling from the bottom as close to the core as possible then going down in circular motion. Also, you could choose to cut the bottoms for a flat surface and then start slicing the peels vertically until all the peels are off.

For a large number of apples, you can use the blanching method to remove peels. Removing the skin through blanching, you purge it in boiling water and let it soak for 30-60 seconds and then put it in a bowl of ice. The skin loosens and slips off when you put it in ice and rub them.

You should note that blanching is time-consuming because it involves three steps. First, you pass it in hot water. Two, you put the apples in the ice and, thirdly, you dry the apples. It is perfect for a larger amount of apples that just a peach or two.

In any method you choose, ensure that it is serving the purpose effectively, safe and fast. You should also know that blanching is also a perfect way of storing the fruits during the autumn, which is the apple season.  After blanching them, you can store them in the refrigerator to serve you when the season is over.

The easiest way to peel apples without a peeler

It is easy to peel apples when you are using them for a home recipe. It, however, becomes a chore when you have to peel 10-20 pounds in a day for industry purposes. Even the drill becomes a small tool for the purpose. Therefore it is wise to consider other easier methods to do it. It is, therefore, important to look for easy hacks to do the same.

One of the easiest and best methods is blanching the apples. The process is simple and perfect for large amounts of apples for industry or festivities. Put the apples in the boiling water for thirty seconds to a minute. Ensure that the apples are fully immersed in hot water. Then remove them and put them in ice water and watch the apples peel off.

For a few apples, you could use a sharp knife to peel apples if you don’t have vegetable peelers in your kitchen. With a peeler, it becomes easy to peel apples in the house for domestic use. It, however, becomes tedious even with peelers when peeling pounds of apples


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Best way to peel and core apples

Peeling is removing peels from apples, while coring is the process of removing the core of an apple. A core is the hard part which is in the center of the apple; also, it is the storage of seeds. It is mostly removed for smooth pies and apple sauces.

Although the fruit is recommended for whole consumption, some of the recipes require them to be peeled and cored.  Some of the recipes are for snacks or baking. Keep reading to learn how to peel and core this favorite autumn fruit.

Peeling is straightforward, and you could use a paring knife, a peeler, a drill or boiling which is also called blanching. Your peeling method depends on your preference, tools or the number of fruits you are required to peel.

After peeling, cut the apples into quarterlies, and you could rub them with a lemon to prevent them from browning. At this point, pick one quarter at a time and cut the core with a paring knife by making an incision cut in the apple. Repeat the process for other quarters. Incision cuts remove the core of an apple. In fact, with the apple cut into four parts, you can easily see the extent of a core.

Alternating, you can easily core a whole apple. You can do that by placing an apple on a flat surface firmly and then push an apple corer from top to bottom. Then discard the core and cut the apples into pieces of your choice. This process may require a little energy.

The last step is using the apple piece for your favorite recipe like baking, poaching, and sautéed, or dicing.

The fastest way to peel and core apples

Are you looking forward to preparing an apple sauce or baking an apple pie? This article tackles the easiest and fastest way without using fancy gadgets. You will need a y-shaped peeler, apples, kitchen knife, and chopping board.

Take your apple of choice and peel it with a Y-shaped peeler from top to bottom around the apple into strips. When the apple is fully peeled, stand your apple upright on the chopping board. Then cut one side and ensure that you are close to the core as possible. Repeat the procedure for the other three sides and then discard the core.

Another fastest way is using an apple corer. After peeling your apples, you place it on a flat surface and insert the core and viola!  You discard the core from the apple. Then slice it for the recipe you have in mind.


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The easiest way to peel apples for applesauce

Applesauce is one of the children’s favorite snacks. That means that they should be smooth and palatable for the delicate system of young ones. That is why the apples ought to be peeled before being smashed into applesauce.

When it comes to applesauce, however, you can peel the apples or have the apples with the peels for creamier, healthier, and tastier applesauce. It turns out that most of the nutrients in apples are in the peels.

Anyway, the article is finding the easiest way to peel the apples for the applesauce. Making applesauce is easy, but the tedious work comes in peeling them. You will need to peel the apples through the normal way of peeling with a peeler or boiling them in a process called blanching.

After performing the tedious work of peeling, then you can core them with a corer or using the traditional way of cutting off the core. Then you will need to slice them into desirable chunks. Then simmer with ingredients like cinnamon sticks and lemon juice until soft. After that, you can proceed to blend and store in a refrigerator.


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How to peel apples with a drill

Peeling apples is a tedious activity. Considering the shape of the apple, it would be hard to peel an apple fast with a kitchen knife. With innovation, drills have been the newest hack used in peeling your apple. It’s easy, efficient and very fast. In fact, with time, you will learn to peel an apple with a drill in a few seconds.

In this process, you will require a vegetable peeler, apples, a fully charged drill, and a kitchen bin. A kitchen bin is meant for directing the peels because the process can be messy because they fly everywhere.

Wash your apples and spade thoroughly. Place the blade at the bottom of the apple. Turn on the drill with the peeler against the apple. Watch the apple peel in a circular motion from top to bottom. Repeat the process for all of your apples.


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