Best Wooden Salad Bowl Sets Review

Every people in the world are fond of salads and what if they get it in a wooden salad bowl? Imagine their appetite will grow more. But how to get a good one, a better one or the best one? What timber you need or which one is the most appealing. There are many questions obviously and all the answer lies in this article. Here, we will try to widen your uncertainty or confusion purchasing the best wooden salad bowls sets. Hope you will read it thoroughly and get some knowledge. Let us start with the basic ideas!

Best wooden salad bowl sets

What is the best wooden salad bowl?

Do you wonder what the best wooden salad bowl is? To be exact it is a bowl created from wood. There are numerous sorts of woods that are utilized to make such dishes. These incorporate acacia, cherry, marble among others. A wooden salad bowl is an excellent decision for your nourishment item. They are superb to take a gander at, and useful. Besides, it advances the family network that goes past a luxurious wooden salad bowl in the focal point of the supper.

Notwithstanding, it isn’t in every case simple to pick one. There are numerous sorts of wooden dishes. All the more along these lines, on the off chance that you are not cautious, you may find that they are of a lesser or more awful quality that isn’t secured to be utilized. Fortunately, this best wooden salad bowls audit settles on the decision of the best bowl basic and simple.


The 15 best wooden salad bowl Review in 2021

#1:Lipper International 1174 Acacia Wooden Salad Bowl10/10Check Price
#2:Cherry Finished Serving Bowl with 2 Salad Hands10/10Check Price
#3:Wavy Rim Serving Bowl for Salads10/10Check Price
#4:Bamboo Wood Salad Bowls – Set of 4 Bowls10/10Check Price
#5:Cospring Handmade Wooden Bowl10/10Check Price
#6:Serving Wooden Salad Bowls – Set of 4 Bowls10/10Check Price
#7:Serving Bowls with Server Utensils, 7-Piece Set10/10Check Price
#8:Dansk Wood Classics 16-Inch Round Salad Bowl10/10Check Price
#9:Pacific Merchants Wood Round wooden Salad Bowl10/10Check Price
#10:Lipper 8204-3 Bamboo Wood Salad Bowl, 3-Piece Set10/10Check Price
#11:Lipper 1154 Acacia Round Flair Serving Bowl for Salads10/10Check Price
#12:Pacific Merchants Wood Round Salad Bowl, Set of 410/10Check Price
#13:Lipper 1100-2 Acacia Wood Square Serving Bowls – Set of 210/10Check Price
#14:BirdRock Home Wooden Bowls set for Salad – Set of 510/10Check Price
#15:Nambe Gourmet Harmony 3 Piece Wooden Salad bowl Set10/10Check Price

#1: Lipper International 1174 Acacia Wooden Salad Bowl

Lipper International highlights a different determination of Bowls and Servers that are ideal for any setting and event. This salad bowl is made of 100% pure acacia timber. Diameter is good and wave-shaped on its edge. Dry salads like lettuce, carrot crumps, broccoli, and large onions can be kept inside it daylong. It is soaking resistive so any contact with water might cause damping in it.

Lipper International 1174 Acacia Wave Serving best Wooden salad bowl
Lipper International 1174 Acacia Wave Serving Bowl for Fruits or Salads, Large, 12″ Diameter x 7″ Height, Single Bowl

Special feature:

  • 12 x 12 x 7 inches outlook made it awesome and gorgeous.
  • 2.1 lbs product weight but 3.02 lbs with shipping packages.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Nice looking when a combination of colorful fruits and vegetables are inside.
  • Made of raw wood and well burnished.
  • Customers review is 4.5 out of 5.


It is made of raw acacia wood from the best acacia timber logs. Smoothly sanded all over the body of it hence no minor cut or injuries can happen anymore. Furthermore, it has a natural texture and no splinters. Not heavy at all and costs really low. It would be good for a birthday, Christmas, festival, or friendly gift.


Anything you take proper care, it will sustain more. Similarly, for this acacia salad bowl, if you take care of it gently, it would perform the best. Its longevity is good and usable for many years. Customers who purchased it earlier, all had good reviews. It is also good for small kids who are stubborn to take timely meals. You can decor the bowl with some fruits and feed the kid.


  • Good for small families at their dinner or breakfast.
  • Good quality acacia that rarely found.
  • Keeps salad fresh and cool for 5-6 hours.
  • Well packed while shipping to customers.


  • Soaking is strictly prohibited, hand washes only with a soft towel.
  • Refrigeration, microwave oven heat and dishwasher resistive.
  • Extreme changes in temperature fluctuations cause cracks in the bowl.


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#2: Lipper International 274-3 Cherry Finished Serving Bowl with 2 Salad Hands

These exceptional dishes are produced using strong and rubberwood that has been recolored with a nourishment safe dim cherry shading that is ideal for any stylistic layout. Use them to hold natural products, serve servings of salad, or just to enrich around your home. Hand washes with mellow cleanser and cool water. Try not to splash. Try not to place in the dishwasher, microwave or cooler. Extraordinary changes in temperature will make the material split after some time. Dry completely. Incidental utilization of mineral oil will help keep up its appearance.

Lipper International 274-3 Cherry Finished Footed Serving wooden salad Bowl
Lipper International 274-3 Cherry Finished Footed Serving Bowl with 2 Salad Hands, Large, 13.75″ Diameter x 5″ Height, 3-Piece Set

Special feature:

  • Rich and deep cherry wood color.
  • 1 large bowl with 2 salad hands.
  • Bowl size: 13.8 x 13.8 x 5 inches; salad hands (each): 3.8 x 7 x 1.8 inches.
  • Product weight: 3.2 lbs (3.7 lbs on shipping).
  • Customer reviews: 4.3 out of 5.


This cherry wood salad bowl is beautifully shaped and large for big families. It is made of rubberwood and durable. Sliced butter pieces can be kept here and also bake in low heat. No ashes or soots from this bowl. Cherry wood looks like a bit dark when 100% pure. This bowl is made of 100% accurate cherry wood with rubber groves.


Based on customer reviews, this bowl performs well enough for 6-7 member families. It is perfect for salad, fruits, or showpieces. Stained with a food-safe environment made it health amicable.


  • Not adhesive anymore.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great craftsmanship.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Cereal, soup, snacks can go with it.


  • Cracks on it due to shipping.
  • Size is small for big families.


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#3: Lipper 294 Wavy Rim Serving Bowl for Salads

This one is surprisingly sturdy and hard. Usually, cherry wood is deep red like resin color, hence the salad bowl also a bit reddish brown. It is a single bowl in affordable price for all. Good for salad and kitchen stuff. Simple oil washing will make it glittery and blazing. Rarely get cracked when fell from table-height. Rigid and 100% cherry wood is used in this salad bowl.

Lipper International 294 Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving wooden Bowl for Salads
Lipper International 294 Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowl for Fruits or Salads, Matte, Large, 13″ x 12.5″ x 5″, Single Bowl

Special features:

  • 12.5 x 13 x 5 inches.
  • 1.74 lbs the product weighs.
  • Shipping weight is 3.32 lbs because of safety boxes.
  • Affordable cost
  • Keeps food fresh. Popcorn, dry foods, oily foods can go easily with it.
  • Customer’s review is 4.6 out of 5 that is really better than anything.


This salad bowl is beautiful in a curvy shape on its edge. Thickness is good to be sturdy and handy. Especially the rim is thick mostly to keep the ratio all over the bowl. As it is a cherry wood salad bowl, generally the color is reddish-brown. Simple hand-wash only applicable to this bowl for better longevity.


Cherry finished wavy rim salad bowl is perfect for salad, fruits, and dry foods. Slightly oiled food such as chicken fries, cheese butter, pizza, bacon is good with it also. It is good for the daily meal of a kid because they love smart designs and colors. The overall performance of it is nice because of customer reviews. This bowl was the best-sold product in the previous year.


  • Not only salad bowl but also a super convenient magic bowl.
  • Fruits and vegetables occasionally kept in it.
  • Properly sanded and molded.
  • Good burnish and smooth.
  • Glossy polished inner lobe.
  • Also good to use it as a showpiece or masterpiece for room decor.


  • As with all other timber things, an unexpected crack can be found due to improper shipping. But it is returnable and changeable.
  • Sometimes it might not be sanded or polished. But it can be done by yourself with some polish liquids, soft fabrics, and sandpaper.


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#4: Lipper 8203-4 Bamboo Wood Salad Bowls – Set of 4 Bowls

The dishes have an extraordinary surface and shape to them and clear off pleasantly. They additionally look fabulous with a wonderful aroma. Furthermore, because of the material being bamboo, the dishes don’t warm up to the touch similarly stoneware bowls do, so you can make the most of your hot soup no issue! It is a way older than newbie salad bowls but nevertheless, it is popular with many people and chefs.

Bamboo Wood Salad Bowl Sets
Lipper International 8203-4 Bamboo Wood Salad Bowls, Small, 7″ Diameter x 2.25″ Height, Set of 4 Bowls

Special features:

  • Dimension: 7.2 x 7.2 x 4 inches.
  • 4 bowls in different colors and textures (each).
  • Product weight is 3 lbs only (total set) and 3.6 lbs while shipping.
  • Customers review is good, 4.3 out of 5.


It is the first wooden salad bowl in the amazon online marketplace and around 20 years ago. At first, it was a single bowl and bigger, but day by day it reshapes and got the current trends nowadays. It is made of best bamboo from Myanmar, Laos, and china. Many people think bamboos aren’t that sturdy or rigid, but this set of bowls are strong enough. Sustainability is good also. The fabulous gesture makes it a different attire that really eye-catching and extraordinary.


These bamboo serving of salad bowls are delightful. They’re exceptionally strong and appealing. They accompany marks saying not to place them in the dishwasher, which is typical for any sort of wooden/bamboo kitchen things. Light-weight and smooth body is another good side of it. If you do not rinse it in water or do not heat up, definitely it will stay longer than your imagination.


  • The glossy light color that is alluring just.
  • Individual size.
  • The nice essence of bamboo feels natural.
  • Warm foods can be stored.


  • Lightweight causes instability in some cases.
  • Shipping is a key concern for any wooden thing because it causes fragile conditions.


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#5: Cospring Handmade Wooden Bowl

3 different sizes-M, L, XL are available online marketplaces and mostly on the amazon. It is found rarely in local markets because these things are extremely special ones. 2 pieces of bowls made of jujube wood turned it a gorgeous and seductive look. All bowls are handmade, lathe tuned, solid piece of timber with manually grinding and polished. No external automotive mechanism is applied here hence this is really tough to manufacture. Each bowl is unique in lookings and weight.

Cospring Handmade Wood salad Bowl
Cospring Handmade Wood Bowl, Mug, for Rice, Soup, Dip, Coffee, Tea, Decoration (2PCS Jujube Bowls, XL: 5.5 inch Dia by 3-1/8 inch High)

Special features:

  • Dimension: 5.5 x 5.5 x 3.2 inches (XL), 5.2 x 5.2 x 3.2 inches (L), 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.7 inches (M).
  • Weight: 1.05 lbs (each, XL).
  • Shipping weight: 1.05 (each, XL).
  • Review: 4.2 out of 5.


It is microwave safe, affordable priced, no staining. Good for stylish camping and tenting. Different age of wood grains is used to manufacture these bowls so each bowl is unique. Eventually, the weight varies because of the jujube tree age. Some online reviews are contradictory because of cracks in the bowl but everything is returnable or repairable.


Some say that it is small compared to other wooden stuff. But usage is a major fact in this connection. Not only for salad bowl but also massively used in a shaving bowl, mug, salsa maker, quick keeps, egg bitter, spice holder or simply honey pot. Online reviews say both positive and negative but in most cases, this is kinda good for its uniqueness.


  • Best for small things preservation.
  • A good assistant for herbal practitioners.
  • Smooth and sturdy.
  • Good essence of natural wood.


  • Shipping causes a broken base, so make sure when takeover one.


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#6: Lipper 293-4 Serving Wooden Salad Bowls – Set of 4 Bowls

This individual bowl is wonderful to serve fruits and salads. Stained with a food-safe, deep, rich cherry color give it an elegant perspective overall. Wavy rim shape looks good for any wooden material. Smooth polish and furnish turns it a good aspect to customers recently. It is so nice that you will eat salad more frequently just to have these bowls grace your tables. In most cases, it is used to serve seafood, salad, traditional food, vintage appetite in any restaurant, ballroom, party or in house.

Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving wooden Bowls for Fruits or Salads
Lipper International 293-4 Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowls for Fruits or Salads, Matte, Small, 7.5″ x 7.25″ x 3″, Set of 4 Bowls

Special features:

  • Dimension: 7.5 x 7.5 x 5 inches (each)
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 3.05 lbs.
  • Review: 4.5 out of 5.
  • Best usage: children’s salad, food, slightly warm noodles/pasta.


Best quality cherry wood is utilized herein like manner. Cherry wood is profound ruddy dark colored so far you have known, consequently, it would seem that profound darker. In addition, the crisscross plan on bowl external body looks awesome. The contemporary shape is extraordinary. Ordinary water washing is sufficient to clear off the soil. On the off chance that you wash it with typical virus water, it will support to an ever-increasing extent. Foamy water or dishwasher is clearly confined to wash it. Wipe of olive oil would be smarter to acceptable sparkling look.


Performances of any stuff depend on the proper caring and manufacture manual. Similarly, these bowls will perform the best if you take care of it perfectly. However, the first two or three years after purchasing one will run smoothly. In the meantime, you have to take care of it as washing, reseasoning, polishing.


  • Salads taste better in it, not funny, it’s true. Try it and see the results.
  • Appealing looks of two pairs of bowls make dining table smart.
  • Better than stainless steel bowls.
  • No strains after a long time is a plus point.
  • Exquisite handling capability.


No such things are founded yet.


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#7: Lipper 290-7 wooden Serving Bowls with Server Utensils, 7-Piece Set

Now it is time for bigger ones. Wanna have a happy dinner with family? Grab this round rim cherry wood bowls. A large serving bowl including 4 individual small bowls and 2 salad servers-all are made of cherry logs. Good polished and seasoned with sandpaper. No grinder is applied to this set so you can call it completely handmade. The large bowl serves pasta, Shushi, noodles, soup, salads quite well. On the other hand, smaller ones can serve food to individual people.

Cherry Finished Round Rim Serving wooden Bowls with Server Utensils
Lipper International 290-7 Cherry Finished Round Rim Serving Bowls with Server Utensils, 7-Piece Set, Assorted Sizes

Special feature:

  • Dimension: 12 x 12 x 4 inches (large), 7 x 7 x 2.5 inches (small), 12 inches (each of servers).
  • Weight: 3.1 lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 4.95 lbs.
  • Review: 4.4 out of 5.
  • Listed on amazon: 2005


Old is gold-everyone says. This item is a bit older too. It was first introduced to the customers in 2005. But nowadays it is still sturdy and fabulous. Wood quality varies occasionally because of lackings but overall each set has a good reputation to consumers. Flat bases keep the set stand-still and rigid in any condition. Excess heat causes fragility in the bowl structure and cracks are visible suddenly. Furthermore, Amazon listed it as the best user-friendly utensils last year.


The effectiveness of this set is bizarre. People review says all positive about this. Proper polishing and reseasoning results in longevity of this set but be careful about the glaze. Lukewarm olive oil polishing is good for the glaze.


  • Eye-soothing design and structure.
  • Hard, light, mobile anywhere.
  • Total salad package for a family dinner.
  • Curves and textures on bowls are random so it looks distinguished.
  • Portable anywhere usually in a picnic or party.


  • 12 inches long pair of servers is a bit difficult for kids to firm grip.
  • Falling on the stoned floor causes the round rim broken.


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#8: Dansk Wood Classics 16-Inch Round Salad Bowl

It genuinely is enormous. You can fit salads that will serve a group in here, making it ideal for occasions and gatherings. The bowl itself is fairly overwhelming and regardless of the littler segment being on the base, totally steady. The two servers function admirably together to enable you to get a handle on a decent segment of the serving of salad (counting the entirety of its fixings) and move it to a plate. These plates of salad servers are enormous (15 inches), light, and made of mango ensured with a non-poisonous coat. It should be washed by hand and be dried quickly to last more. Moreover, it coordinates impeccably the hardened steel plate of a salad bowl.

Dansk Wood Classics 16-Inch Round wooden Salad Bowl
Dansk Wood Classics 16-Inch Round Salad Bowl, Brown

Special features:

  • Good gift for a wedding, birthday or presentations.
  • It is gigantic, so it can serve a bunch of salads at a time.
  • Rigid mango wood body is well polished with mango flavor.
  • King of the table. It places in the middle, it rules.
  • 16 inches diameter with 6 inches height weighs it around 5 lbs.
  • Simple brown look and round rim edges.


Best quality mango wood is used here in this salad bowl. These timbers are collected from the Indian subcontinent and so far furnished wood ever. Manufacturer companies import timbers, season it in local lumberjack then produce in factories. Sanding and polishing are done by professional experts, so things are neat and glossy clean.


As this is a large woody bowl, it has a good weight. The outlook is V-shaped with a flat base. The topmost diameter is 16 inches and gradually decreasing to the bottom. Curvy round rim to the inner wall keeps liquid such as soup, Shushi or stew safe from spilth. Light vinegar with water should be used to clean it hence the performance longevity will be matured enough.


  • Scented timber.
  • Artistic lookings and appealing.
  • Non-toxic coatings overall.
  • Stunning texture.


  • Fell on a hard surface causes broken rim/body.
  • A little heavy for kids, so it is suggested not to hand over this bowl to kids.


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#9: Pacific Merchants K0464 Wood Round wooden Salad Bowl

Acacia woodenware bowls are hand-abandoned one strong bit of Acacia hardwood and the serving pieces are hand-cut, making everyone an extraordinary, molded show-stopper. Acaciaware is a thick, normally resinous hardwood which, by its very nature, opposes entrance by water and won’t retain stains or smells. Utilize the Acaciaware Round Calabash Bowl each day and use it on exceptional events – the perfect craftsmanship, ravishing shading, and normal structure will make an uncommon event out of any event.

Pacific Merchants K0464 Wood Round Calabash Serving/Salad Bowl
Pacific Merchants K0464 Not Available Acaciaware 6-by 3-Inch Acacia Wood Round Calabash Serving/Salad Bowl

Special features:

  • Cheap, smart and most useful to keep anything.
  • Curved exterior and round.
  • The diameter is 6 inches with 3 inches in height.
  • Durable, resinous hardwood with rich color and prominent grain.
  • Sustainable and environment-friendly.


Acacia resin wood is light-colored but sweet. Acaciaware additionally implies simple consideration. Hand washes with warm lathery water and air dry. It doesn’t ordinarily require oil at the same time, if for reasons unknown it seems, by all accounts, to be drying out, just use non-lethal mineral oil to reestablish the wood grain to its unique magnificence. Making great woodenware isn’t the main worry by the maker, they are likewise worried about nature. wood sources don’t hurt nature by utilizing slice and consume strategies for collecting trees. The entirety of the wood is collected with care implying that the trees they use are gathered legitimately from exclusive terrains, which are profoundly controlled and checked by the administration. The maker organization thinks about continuing the earth and are continually searching for wood sources.


As it is suggested not to wash the wooden things with soapy water; acacia wood bowl also banned to wet. Only hand wash with a soft towel keeps the longevity of this bowl. In dire need, it can be washed by wet tissues but air dry must be ensured. For creepy stains, non-toxic mineral oil wash is applicable for better performances. Not only as a salad bowl but it can be used as a key keeper, garden pot, interior decorations also. Lightweight makes it different from traditional heavyweight steel bowls.


  • Environment-friendly and durable.
  • No crack or strains on the bowl surface.
  • The resin is burnished and smooth.
  • No need to reseason.
  • Affordable cost.


  • Acacia and bamboo are looking alike. Hence people are confused sometimes about the material. But the essence is a good factor here to differentiate.


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#10:  Lipper 8204-3 Bamboo Wood Salad Bowl, 3-Piece Set

Similar to the item number 4 here we described earlier, this one is another bamboo wood salad bowl. A large bowl with two servers- one fork and a spoon. One thing you should know that bamboo wood is sensitive. Even a tiny hit can make a crack on it. So, justify the utensils before purchase. Yes, they are looking good and alluring, but in the matter of longevity and performance, it sounds a bit staid. This salad bowl is totally round-shaped hence flexible on a dinner table. Anyone from any direction can take salads from it.

Bamboo Wood Salad Bowl with 2 Server Utensils
Lipper International 8204-3 Bamboo Wood Salad Bowl with 2 Server Utensils, Large, 14″ Diameter x 4″ Height, 3-Piece Set

Special features:

  • Bowl dimension 14 x 4 inches.
  • Servers dimension 12 inches (each).
  • Round base.
  • Nice looking scapes.
  • Natural and renewable.
  • Item weight is 3.15 lbs and the shipping weight is 3.8 lbs. So this stuff is light.
  • Online customer review 3.9 out of 5.


All top quality bamboo from China, Laos, and Cambodia are taken into the factory to clean them properly with warm water. After removing all dirt, they are molded in eco-friendly machinery. A number of different diameter dices are used to make individual rings with distinguished heights. Keeping a round base, the resin is applied on it part by part to join the diameter rings. All of these rings are different in textures and the essence of bamboo. These bamboo made rings stack on each other makes a final bowl to polish with liquid thinner. Similarly, the salad servers are made by dedicated dices to keep the ratio constant.


It performs well on the dining table but any contraction with water causes severe cracks. Because the diameter rings are attached by resin. Water loosens the adhesion of resin hence the covalence among them destroys the bond. If you take proper care of it like washing with a soft towel or tissue paper, it will last long enough. The overall performance is well and no customer complaints yet.


  • Cheaper and light.
  • Different diameters of the bamboo wood ring make its outstanding look.
  • Easy to move and portable also.
  • The round base looks great on it compared to traditional flat-based ones.


  • Water is totally prohibited in it. So it is not good for wet salads, soup.
  • If it cracks, a large area it takes.


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#11:  Lipper 1154 Acacia Round Flair Serving Bowl for Salads

Acacia again and this time more sophisticated. The previous one we described was made of bamboo. This one is similar but acacia. Moreover, this acacia bowl is light compared to traditional acacia made wooden utensils. A solid and rigid body with good burnish looks pretty much extraordinary. No flat base keeps it cool shaped and portable to anywhere.

Lipper International 1154 Acacia Round Flair Serving wooden Bowl for Fruits or Salads
Lipper International 1154 Acacia Round Flair Serving Bowl for Fruits or Salads, Large, 12″ Diameter x 4.5″ Height, Single Bowl

Special features:

  • Medium-large with a diameter of 12 inches and 4.5 inches of height.
  • No resin on joints is applied here in this bowl.
  • Pure solid acacia timber.
  • Well seasoned and sanded then polished.
  • Smooth and adorable.
  • Easy to care, hand washes only.
  • Weighs only 1.34 lbs that lightweight ever.
  • Customer review 4.7 out of 5.


So far you know, acacia is wild timber and great for wooden things. Hence, this bowl is made of 100% acacia timber that well seasoned in dedicated mills. Smooth cutting of the trunks is totally computerized so the structure proportionality is strictly maintained. No involvement of resin or any type of adhesive gives it nice glaze and uniqueness. Consumers purchase it and surprisingly no negative review so far.


Being unique and made of a single trunk, every acacia bowl is individual in design, grain, texture, and weight. But the weight is around 1.35 lbs maximum and 1.3 lbs minimum. Thickness is good to resist excess moisture in it. Good for small family and kids. Little olive oil polishing all over its body will turn it sleek.


  • Cent percent acacia made.
  • Good for salad, fruits, and grains.
  • No base is an extra facility for smooth moving.
  • Fabulous contrast overall.
  • Affordable cost.


No such things are found yet because this item is new and the most expected bowl for little or newbie family.


#12: Pacific Merchants Wood Round Salad Bowl, Set of 4

This bowl is round but not like the previous one. It has a tiny base that equally proportional to the whole exterior. Acacia wood is normally resinous, opposing infiltration by fluids and the hardwood won’t stain or get smells. All of Pacific Merchants Acaciaware acacia wood bowls are hand turned and our other acacia wood things like our acacia wood serving of salad plates, pasta bowls or other acacia wood claim to fame things like loaf bread plate and plunging bowls are hand-cut, giving each piece a special grain and lovely look. Pacific Merchants offers a high-quality wooden plate of salad bowls, from enormous serving bowls to singular serving of salad bowls. We likewise offer an incredible choice of acacia wood bowl sets. Indeed, even our pressing material is eco-accommodating, produced using reused destroyed cardboard boxes! Acaciaware is anything but difficult to think about.

Wood Round Calabash Serving / Salad Bowl
Pacific Merchants Trading Pacific Merchants Acaciaware 6- by 3-Inch Acacia Wood Round Calabash Serving / Salad Bowl, Set of 4, Brown

Special features:

  • 4 bowls set.
  • Dimension 8.5 x 8.5 x 8.3 inches.
  • Large lookings.
  • Low weight (2 lbs each)
  • Customer review 3.9 out of 5


Smart texture and fabulous outlook. The bright and light color of acacia timber here. It seems like an alloy of bamboo and acacia but it is pure acacia made. 8.5 inches diameter is large enough to keep many ingredients here. Not only for salad but also you can serve soup, calabash soup, pumpkin juice or fish stew through it. It is firm and cool.


Online reviews say it is a new product from the manufacturer company and sparsely available to the local market. Hence many people do not aware of it massively. But those who used this bowl have no complaints. It performs well for middle-class families. Affordable price and eco-friendly material are used here so it performs exquisite enough.


  • Lightweight and odorous.
  • Dry foods are good for them.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Portable individually is better.


  • Some customers complained about the reseller company. So, make sure before purchase one.


#13: Lipper 1100-2 Acacia Wood Square Serving Bowls – Set of 2

Another one from renowned Lipper International. This one is a set of salt-pot. Small, beautiful and rounded square shape made it awesome. It will decor fantastic with your other sets of wooden bowls on the dining table. If the salad bowls are acacia made then you can purchase this set because, in a salad, salt is essential. Flat square base and the round square rim is the main attraction in this set.

Acacia Wood Square Salt Pinch or Serving Bowls
Lipper International 1100-2 Acacia Wood Square Salt Pinch or Serving Bowls, 3″ x 3″ x 2-1/2″, Set of 2

Special features:

  • Dimension: 3 x 3 x 2.5 inches.
  • Item weight: 4 lbs. (total set)
  • Shipping weight: 4.8 lbs. (total set)
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • No microwave heating is allowed.
  • Customer review 4 out of 5.
  • Tiny smaller and light.


Premium quality acacia timber is used in this tiny square bowl. A hard base with good thickness makes it rigid enough. Acacia timbers are cut by a smooth wood grinder. Then it is seasoned to provide its shape and sanded. Dark lookings and well varnished keeps the everlasting mode on it.


This is a simple but beautiful bowl. No major design or glazing here hence it will sustain more than 5 years without any problem! Usually, it is used for salt keeping so there is no chance to use it regularly. Little spice crush can be kept in it. No need to rinse in water. Hand washes enough. No soapy dishwasher or warm water needed to clean it. Occasionally a tiny drop of olive oil or varnish thinner can be applied to get better glittering.


  • Small, handy and safe.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Acacia odor.
  • Smart showpiece.


No such things have been found nevertheless.


#14:  BirdRock Home Wooden Stackable Bowls set for Salad – Set of 5

BirdRock Home Bamboo Salad Bowl Set is the ideal of facilitating kitchen dishes that add an awesome touch to your home. Made from bamboo, the serving of salad bowl set adds an incredible regular touch to any kitchen table or ledge. The set incorporates 4 little plates of salad bowls and 1 huge plate of salad serving bowl. When washing the serving of salad bowl set, hand wash as it were. Try not to wash in the dishwasher because of the normal bamboo wood. Basically serve your preferred plate of salad, pasta or natural product dish and let the sharp bowl’s host for you.

Home Bamboo Salad Bowl Sets
BirdRock Home Bamboo Salad Bowl Set – Set of 5 – Wooden Stackable Bowls for Salad, Pasta, Fruit – Kitchen Bowl Set

Special features:

  • Dimension: 12.4 x 12.4 x 6.6 inches.
  • Item weight: 5.29 lbs (set).
  • Shipping weight: 5.3 lbs (set).
  • Customer review 4.5 out of 5
  • Great looking and sturdy.
  • It can be used individually.


A salad is definitely not a serving of salad except if it is served in all around made wooden dishes. It’s the ideal size for blending two dish size salad or four side servings salad bowl. The dishes are solid, however not very substantial to deal with effectively. Bamboo sets cost a division as much as woods can imagine cherry or maple along these lines, truly, these are somewhat expensive.


They should be washed by hand, however, they’re simple and speedy to clean yet when all around dealt with, they are tough and durable. This arrangement of 4 individual dishes and one bigger bowl is appealing. The salad bowl is large enough for a group of 3-4 however it would not have the option to suit huge gatherings. Wood is pleasantly coordinated, the creases are tight and this set should last numerous years with negligible consideration.


  • Fine-tuning of bamboo radius parts.
  • Bashful and clear outlook.
  • Buoyant and long-lasting.
  • Quality bamboos are used to manufacture.
  • Amicable and eco-friendly.


  • Keeping warm food for a long time causes fragility.
  • Shipping should be vigilant enough.


#15: Nambe Gourmet Harmony 3 Piece Wooden Salad bowl Set

Pull together the entirety of your preferred fixings to make your well-known spinach salad or an excellent natural product serving salads in this Harmony Salad bowl. The complexity of the profound wood against the brilliant greens and succulent components upgrades the intrigue of your dish for a gourmet experience. It highlights exquisite lines and streaming bends done in rich, lovely acacia wood making it a moment great in your kitchen. Combined with the novel tongs it is an extraordinary serving piece.

3 Piece Wooden Salad bowl Set
Nambe Gourmet Harmony 3 Piece Wooden Salad bowl Set

Special features:

  • Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 11 inches.
  • Item weight: 3.85 lbs.
  • Customer review 4.8 out of 5.
  • First introduced in 2013. So the review is obviously excellent.


Exquisite lines and streaming bends were done in rich, stunning acacia wood make the Harmony Salad Set a moment great in your kitchen. The differentiation of the profound wood against the brilliant greens and succulent components upgrades the intrigue of your dish for a gourmet experience. Focused on immortal excellence, imaginative honesty, and solid quality is obvious in the brand’s assortment of serve product, barware, and home stylistic theme things.


The size is ideal for a huge evening gathering. Simply should be certain the salad looks in the same class as the bowl! This would make an extraordinary blessing. The bowl is decent, yet now and then the spoons appear to be odd and economically made.


  • Epicure taste and style.
  • Antique modern look.
  • Five-star eating.
  • Museum-quality pattern.
  • Extraordinary serving piece.


  • Bigger enough for a small family.


Best wooden salad bowl buyer’s guide

A wooden salad bowl, won’t cost amazing entirety reserve funds. Undoubtedly, they are extremely modest. This pleasant looking art from changed woods can be procured beginning as low as 20 USD and goes the route up to 200 USD. The sort of wood, acacia being the most costly decides the value distinction. It is simply because keeps going longer and it is nourishment safe. The other fluctuation in size. The greater the size the expensive it is.

Thus, don’t stress over the value .there is continually something for you. Simply examine accurately and read our article as far as possible.

#1. Lipper International 1147: Best acacia salad bowl ever

With regards to kitchen instruments and adornments, Lipper universal never disillusions, the 1174 Acacia Serving Bowl is a valid example. It is the perfect bowl for serving foods grown from the ground.

It has an exceptional plan that will add to the excellence of your kitchen and it is developed from great materials. It quantifies about 7-Inches high by 12-Inches in distance across and is incredibly simple to keep up.Lipper International 1147: Best acacia salad bowl ever

All you should do is ordinary handwashing it with cool water and cleanser, and you can be certain that it will serve you for quite a while to come. You can likewise utilize mineral oil to clean within locale on the off chance that you wish to keep up its appealing look.

Aside from serving and holding foods grown from the ground, you can utilize this bowl totally as a beautification apparatus for your home.

  • Easy to wash.
  • Durability is awesome.
  • Handy size.
  • Water resistive.

#2. Dansk Wood Classics 16” Round Salad Bowl

With regard to the Dansk Wood Salad, its primary remarkable quality is its excellence. It has a gleaming appearance that gives it a tasteful and exquisite look that will undoubtedly stand apart from the group.Dansk Wood Classics 16” Round Salad Bowl

The round salad bowl has a 6” stature and has the ideal tallness to hold enough serving of mixed greens for everybody in the room. This makes it the ideal bowl at whatever point you host a get-together and for special seasons.

The plan of the bowl will simply disclose to you that it took a significant level of craftsmanship to wind up with a bowl of this structure and this gives it an extremely appeal in the market.

  • Dazzling and appealing structure.
  • Holds enough salads.
  • Excellent development.
  • No servers along with.

#3. Lipper International 274-3 Cherry Finished Footed Serving Bowl

Another gem from Lipper International, this bowl is intended to upgrade the excellence of your kitchen and is perfect for holding organic products, servings of mixed greens, and greens. The completing is commended with a cherry completion which isn’t unsafe for your wellbeing.

It is very solid gratitude to the rubberwood development which will guarantee that the bowl serves you for quite a while to come later on.Lipper International 274-3 Cherry Finished Footed Serving Bowl

At a tallness of 5-Inches and a width of 13.75-Inches, this bowl has a helpful limit with respect to holding enough nourishment for everybody in the room.

At that point, it accompanies two plates of mixed greens hands that will make serving and hurling to be a lot simpler. Additionally, the hands have an exceptional structure which will help in upgrading the excellence of your kitchen and are recolored with a dim cherry shading.

Handwashing with cold water is suggested as an upkeep schedule.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Holds adequate nourishment and salad.
  • Dazzling and alluring structure.


  • Heat sensitive. Hot foods aren’t allowed literally.

#4. Midori Way Wood Salad Bowl Set of 4 Bamboo

The opportunity has arrived for the family end of the week motion picture session and you are pondering which wooden bowl you may use for a serving salad and popcorn during the event. The Wooden Salad Bowl set will tackle your concern.

They are made from Bamboo material which is Eco-accommodating and will improve the solidness of your bowl. It has a brilliant grained design that will improve its magnificence and make it charming to take a gander at.Midori Way Wood Salad Bowl Set of 4 Bamboo

The set has an excellent structure and will effortlessly mix with whichever table setting you to have.

It has a better than average limit that will hold an adequate measure of serving of mixed greens and popcorn for everybody. It is likewise lightweight and you will have a simple time holding it for broadened timeframes. It is anything but difficult to clean and there are no lethal components in its development that may cause any negative medical problems.

  • Delightful structure.
  • Durable and Natural Bamboo development.
  • Simple to clean.
  • It starts breaking separated after a couple of employments.

#5. AVAMI Salad Wooden Bowl

These premia, brilliant and supportive acacia wood plates transform into an exquisite introduction in any home or bistro. The life span of acacia wood permits long-lasting use with a basic and clear review. The regular credits of acacia wood permit an alternate use. It is an outstanding serving item for each plate of mixed greens, each pasta, each natural product, each bread, and each popcorn.AVAMI Salad Wooden Bowl

Deliberately made from strong acacia wood of the highest caliber – acacia wood is a hardwood with strong grain and rich shade, making it an uncommon serving plate material. It is impermeable to water, stains and scent absorption. Since these shells are made of typical, solid acacia wood makes each piece fascinating. In addition, the non-dangerous completion makes it both durable and more strong than bamboo shells or other strong composite wood items that can fall to pieces sooner or later. Just wash the item with warm and marginally foamy water and delicate material. At that point, dry normally noticeable all around. Abstain from utilizing microwaves, dishwashers, and direct daylight to forestall turns and staining. Wash by hand just and store in a well-ventilated spot. In some cases treat with mineral oil to take the acacia back to its typical quality.

  • Unique and hardy.
  • Fabulous getup, smooth burnish.
  • Vintage modern sensation.
  • Heat and water-resistive.

Well, if we somehow happened to pick only one bowl that truly paralyzed us from the rundown above, we’d go for the Lipper International 274-3 Cherry Bowl. It’s produced using our preferred kind of hardwood, cherry. Furthermore, obviously, it’s attractive and very strong.


Wooden salad bowl construction

In my view, the one-piece bowls which are produced using a strong bit of wood are the best even fundamentally. Notwithstanding, in light of the fact that they require a ton of work to assemble, they likewise don’t come modest.

The portioned development bowls may not be as strong as their strong piece partners however they unquestionably can be attractive. They will, in general, be less expensive albeit each joint showing up on them gives a proviso to water leakage.bowls Construction

Now, there are three categories of any wooden utensils. However, we use the same three types of mechanisms for a wooden salad bowl. Let us see what are the main attributes of different mechanisms.

One-piece wooden bowl:

These are specially made from a solid piece of timber. Most sturdy thing ever and long-lasting. First raw trunks of timber are sawed in the usual method. Then it is washed in warm water to clean the dirt and avoidable filths. Using a timber seasoning machine, it is formed in relevant shapes, designs for salad bowls.One-piece wooden bowl

Strict diameter and furnishing are the major criteria of the process. Expert carpenters are working on their regular duties to form different shapes. Sanding and seasoning followed by afterward to look, smoothy.

Segmented wooden bowl:

As the name here you see, this type of action is hard to make. It is generally a hand-made mechanical process where hands and machines are needed both. Wood frames are partially segmented by cutting into pieces using automatic saw or cutter. Then according to the design and shape, resins are applied to join the segments part by part.Segmented wooden bowl

It is a time-consuming process and a lot of work to do. Any silly mismatching in the segments causes the total ruin of the design, so manufacturers are cautious about it. The segmented wooden bowl is light, smart looking and cheap. But they aren’t that sturdy. A medium hit causes total fragility sometimes.

Laminated wooden bowl:

These bowls are blended and synthesized. Different types of timber are used to make one. Similar to the segmented wooden bowl, it is a mixture of two or three types of timber. Say, cherry and acacia both segments are attached and then polished or wrapped by glossy thinner liquids.Laminated wooden bowl

Liquid adhesive resin is brushed at the external side of each bowl to make it sturdy. But as this is totally water-resistive, it would be better to keep dry food items in it.

In conclusion, there’s the overlay built group of bowls. These are commonly produced using composite material and given a veneered wrapping up. By and by, these ones are vulnerable to water leakage and, hence, we don’t energetically suggest them.


The best wood for a wooden salad bowl

Which are the best woods for a wooden salad bowl? Well, this is a good question because a wooden thing needs a rigid surface and physique. Some woods are rigid by born, some are fragile. Manufacturers modify some fragile woods into a rigid one but it takes enough cost and time, so they prohibit. In the previous section, we described renowned companies of wooden bowls and you saw, most of them use cherry, acacia, and bamboo. Especially, Lipper International produces the best cherry wood salad bowls with fabulous shapes. Recently, AVAMI and Dansk are the two uprising companies that provide quality acacia wood salad bowls to consumers. Studying and analyzing online reviews on the best quality wood for a wooden salad bowl, we found the following observations.

Types of wood:

These woods are the best for wooden salad bowls according to their age, texture, grain, sustainability, color.


A sweet fragrance all over the wood and deep brown colored. Cherry wood is rigid, smooth and easy to season. Round rim salad bowls, plates are the good products of cherry wood.


It grows in frost and in cold countries like Scandinavians, Canada, America, Australia, and Europe. Large and long tree with massive branches that spreads. Hard and much weight though it looks like a weightless one. Faded yellow colored and good for manufacturing small salt bowls, salad servers, spoons.


Basically it is used for soft and flexible wooden stuff. Humid countries need such wooden stuff because olive wood is humidity compatible. Chessboard, wooden saucer, servers are made from it. It is super glossy all the time. So exciting!


Most utensils are made from acacia so far you’ve seen online. Easy to reform and good texture all over the wood. It needs occasionally sanding to glaze. Dust causes fading and discolored sometimes but only hand wash can remove the blurring.


Yellow and brown color combination makes it fabulous, outstanding look and lightweight. Moreover, bamboo is a segmented wood so parts of bamboo wood can make exquisite wooden things. Chessboard, salad bowls, tea-table, tripods are made from it severely.


Recent addition in wooden salad bowls is walnut. The deep reddish color looks great when making anything from it. No need to use water or oil to clean it. Only a soft towel or brush can remove the smut. Walnut wood is a costly and rare piece. Heavyweight utensils are made from it.

Wood that avoidable: Some wood are flabby and infirm. Fragile and too much fiber in it causes more seasoning that is not a good strategy for wooden bowls. Hence, we avoid these types of wood- oak, beech, and birch. They are less durable.


Wooden salad bowl washing tips

Do you know the clean and care procedure of a wooden bowl? On the off chance that you don’t, nothing to be stressed over. This article will get you to know all the data on the best way to clean a wooden plate of mixed greens bowls and how to store them for a more drawn out procedure of a wooden bowl

First of all keep in mind that, heat and water are the worst enemies of any wooden piece. So, don’t be motivated by many online sources about it. Besides, here you will see how these two worst enemies are useful in cleansing. Interesting, isn’t it? Some smart tricks and tips would be beneficial in this regard.

Usually, the washing process of a wooden bowl is of four categories- washing, caring, sanitizing, and seasoning. All of the different categories here have sub-categories in the washing process. So far we know that water and heat are the worst enemies of wooden things but you can use a little warm water yet. In a short pictorial view, the total procedure might be like the following figure-processes that can be applicable to wash any wooden salad bowl

Here you see the procedures of each process. Sometimes the bowl gets faded or blurred. Sometimes it needs to be sanitized because of raw materials on it. The processes are just like this for your convenience-

Wash: Liquid wash, warm water wash, sponge wash, towel/cotton cloth wash.

Care: sandpaper rubbing, lemon & salt method.

Seasoning: mineral oil seasoning, paper towel seasoning, tissue paper style.

Sanitizing: white vinegar process, warm water technique.

Now, here I thoroughly describe all of the processes that can be applicable to wash any wooden salad bowl.

  • Wash: To wash a wooden salad bowl you have to take four things by your hand. A liquid dishwasher, a sponge, cotton towel or cloth, and some warm water. First, clean the bowl with a soft towel for basic washing. Second, rub the bowl with the soft part of your sponge. Never use the abrasive side of the sponge. Third, put a little dishwasher on the bowl and rub all over the body. Fourth, use little warm water to clean, rub and clean again. Finally, keep the bowl dry into the air.
  • Sanitize: This process is needed when there are unused bowls for a long time. Because, insects, cockroaches, rats, and many other microbes can affect the wooden bowl. It needs to be disinfected. Therefore, you need white vinegar and slightly warm water mixture into the ratio of 1:5, respectively. Use a cotton cloth, dip it into the mixture, squeeze gently and rub onto the bowl surface.
  • Care: Sometimes your wooden bowls become rusty or faded. It needs some caring. A very common problem in a wooden salad bowl is the leakage of fibers. You need sandpapers to remove it. Gently rub on the odd areas but not on the entire surface. Similarly, to make the bowl shinier, you can use a mixture of lemon and salt solution. Lemon is good for cleansing because it is acidic. Even much oily portion can be removed by the cut-face of the lemon.
  • Season: Rarely need this technique. Mostly, it needs broken bowls or faulty wooden stuff. Mineral oil, paper towel, and tissue paper are widely used for seasoning or reseasoning.

Keep in mind that, if anything relevant for the wooden salad bowl from the above techniques, then and only then you can execute. Otherwise, the masterpiece show would be ruined.


The Bottom line

So, you read a lot from it, hope gathered some knowledge. Wooden salad bowls are cute, gorgeous looking and it changes personal attitudes sometimes. You feel like medieval kings or queens, Arabian nights feelings or rich. Durability is a key factor of any wooden stuff, so make sure of the manufacturer and the product. Color, odor, and glazing should be selected equally. washing processes here should be followed properly if and only if there is some problems, otherwise no need. Good review products sometimes not that good, likewise, bad review items are the best. Justify the product information we tried to provide here. Finally, be gorgeous, be happy with a wooden salad bowl, eat more salads for a healthy life. Happy kitchen stuff. Thank you!