Best Kitchen Cleaner for Grease 2021

Looking for the Best Kitchen Cleaner for Grease? One of the things that people struggle with when it comes to home cleanliness is finding the right cleaning detergent. On average, a home spends a lot of its budget on cleaning — especially cleaning materials. A lot of us are unsure about cleaning detergents and more importantly, which kitchen cleaner is ideal for Grease washing.

The main reason why most people are confused about cleaning detergents is that the market is saturated with brands. Some brands concentrate on kitchen cleaning while others focus on car cleaning. Therefore, the market is saturated but diverse.

However, other brands concentrate on providing general cleaning detergents. This blog focuses on providing information on all different types of soaps.

Best Kitchen Cleaner for Grease

Top 10 Best Best Kitchen Cleaner reviews for Grease in 2021

Here are the top ten best kitchen cleaner for grease that you can buy without any doubt. We select all products here from consumer review & practical use.

#1:KRUD KUTTER KK32/2 Kitchen Cleaner10/10Check Price
#2:Homecare Labs Greased Lightning Degreaser10/10Check Price
#3:Fantastik Advanced Kitchen Cleaner10/10Check Price
#4:Stanley Kitchen Cleaner10/10Check Price
#5:Krud Kutter KR01 kitchen cleaner10/10Check Price
#6:GP66 Green Miracle kitchen Cleaner10/10Check Price
#7:KRUD KUTTER PC326 PC32 Prepaint Cleaner10/10Check Price
#8:Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream10/10Check Price
#9:Spray Nine 26832 Heavy-Duty degreaser10/10Check Price
#10:SuperClean 32oz MultiSur face Degreaser Spray10/10Check Price


#1: KRUD KUTTER KK32/2 Kitchen Cleaner for Grease

RUD KUTTER KK32/2 Original Concentrated kitchen cleaner for grease
KRUD KUTTER KK32/2 Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser, 32-Ounce, 2-Pack

Are you looking for a kitchen cleaner that is non-toxic but still powerful for grease? If the answer is yes, KRUD KUTTER is the best cleaner for you. The main idea of the company is to get consumer value for money and, more importantly, replace tens of cleaning detergents most people use at home. The cleaner is, therefore, an ideal replacement for all toxic but less powerful cleaners in your home.

Highlighted Features of krud Kutter KK32

Before investing in any kitchen cleaner, there are some factors to consider. Some of the features that come with KRUD KUTTER cleaner include the following.

  • It is a perfect cleaning detergent for stainless steel

When it comes to cleaning stainless steel, most people are unsure about which cleanser to use. Fortunately, KRUD KUTTER cleaner is unmatched in making sure that the stainless steel in your kitchen is not only clean but also you do not need to spend a lot of money.

  • The detergent is ideal for faster cleaning

When it comes to time and cleanup, detergents may fail you. Fortunately, this detergent is unmatched when it comes to time and the easiness to clean. With a few minutes, it is possible to achieve what was previously unachievable in kitchen cleaning.

  • The detergent is the best option for deep grease cleaning

Are you looking for a cleaning option for deep cleaning? KRUD KUTTER detergent is not only unmatched as far as cleaning stainless steel but also deep cleaning. For most people, deep cleaning is synonymous with time and more money on detergents. However, this detergent is unmatched.

Quality of KRUD KUTTER kitchen cleaner

Quality is one of the critical things you should always consider when investing in a kitchen detergent. The class for KRUD KUTTER detergent is, without a doubt, unmatched. In the last couple of months, the cleanser has redefined quality in this market — thanks to the technology used in making the cleaning agent.


The following are some of the advantages of using KRUD KUTTER.

  • As a consumer, you get value for money.
  • The detergent is compelling for both deep cleaning and cleaning stainless steel.
  • The detergent is one of the easiest detergents to use in the market.
  • The detergent is also safe to use — regardless of the nature of the cleaning.


If it is your first time to use a similar cleaning agent, follow the instructions. If not, the final results may not be optimal.


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#2: Homecare Labs Greased Lightning Degreaser for kitchen

Are you having trouble removing grease from your house kitchen or even your garage? Well, look no farther. Greased lighting Super Strength is an all-around grease remover for kitchen. You will have no trouble dealing with the mess in your household from the greasy grills, bathrooms, kitchen, and garages. Also, it is ideal for stubborn stains on your clothes.

Homecare Labs Greased Lightning Degreaser for kitchen
Homecare Labs Greased Lightning 204HDT All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser 128 oz (1) 1 gal.

The best thing about this product is the fact that it not only cleans the greasy areas but cut across dirt, mud and other stubborn stains leaving your home sparkling clean. It specializes in tough dirt which normal soaps cannot get rid of such as wine stains, foods, and built-up grime.

Highlighted features

Greased lighting tackles everything in your garage. It specializes in dealing with oily surfaces and hence perfect for your garage. it is hence ideal for your garage’s mechanical tools, engines, and greasy mowers. After fixing your car you can well use the product to remove oils from your hands and clothes.

The product is a pre-treat for stubborn stains. Are you having trouble getting rid of a wine stain, blood, food or even juice? Greased Lighting is your friend in such a mess. It cuts across stains leaving the surfaces or even clothes sparkling clean. Put at least two drops of the formula and watch the stains disappear.

The product is a perfect soap scum remover. It leaves the bathroom doors, tubs, sinks and taps scum free. For maintenance, you can spray your bathroom with Greased Lighting after a shower to keep your bathroom free from soap scum. As a great scum remover, the item is a great friend on cleansing your floor and fixtures. It cleans your greasy floor without leaving a greasy residue.

Greased Lighting works by being diluted with water and that increases its usability in terms of quantity. Alternating, some people prefer using them undiluted for full force. Either way, the product is not harmful and works all the same. Whether you choose to dilute it or not, the product will remove stains.

Greased Lighting specializes in removing built-up dirt. It cuts across caked up dirt in your house like molds and mildew. Also, it un-stains the stains left by the molds or termites in the house leaving your patio perfect and ready for fun.


It is a high-quality grease remover. Greased Lighting just like its name, lightens greased areas and leaves them sparkling. It is one of the few products in the market with the ability to cut across the household chores. It is perfect for removing built-up dirt, soap scum, grease, and stains. With it, you do not need to worry about shopping for different soaps for chores in your house.


Grease Lighting performs immediately. It helps remove stains with immediate effect. If you are working in an industry the product will help you remove smoke stains on the tools and furniture. For painting industries, the product will help you remove spilled paint on the carpet. Just think of any stain and Grease Lighting will help you get rid of it fast.


  • It is an all-around household stain remover.
  • It works immediately when put into action.
  • With it, you deal with stubborn stains on your clothes,
  • It is a perfect product for industries because it removes smoke stains from tools and furniture.
  • It is a safe product for all the house chores from the kitchen to the bathroom.
  • It has no fragrance and hence perfect for people with allergies.
  • It is usually diluted with water and therefore it will serve you for long.
  • With a small splash, you can remove stains from your children’s play clothes.


  • This product has no fragrance


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#3: Fantastik Advanced Kitchen Grease Cleaner

When you find a perfect product for grease cleaning in the kitchen, even the most overwhelming chores become, less overwhelming. Fantastik advance Kitchen & Grease Cleaner is the perfect cleaner for the entire kitchen household. It deals with messes found in the kitchen. With it, you got everything under control. Cleaning becomes fun, simple, manageable and very rewarding.

Fantastik Advanced Kitchen Grease Cleaner
(2 Pack) Fantastik Advanced Kitchen & Grease Cleaner 32 fl oz

The product is a liquid, which cleans your kitchen leaving no smeary residue. it has no identified scent and hence perfect for kitchen environment and furniture. It is a powerful citrus action. it is a perfect cleanser for marble, stains left on the stove after cooking, aluminum, granite, fiberglass range hoods, etc.

Highlighted features

Fantastik is specified for cleaning only the kitchen. The formula cuts across all the needs in the kitchen from the utensils, furniture, cookers, cabinets and ceiling fans. It is a dream come true to all house owners and people who work in restaurants. It cleanses and sparkles the surfaces.

When looking for a kitchen cleanser, you should consider its effectiveness in dealing with grease, spillage from stoves and kitchen and clogging dirt in the sink. With Fantastik, you get exactly that and some more. It removes grease with a single swipe and on clogging dirt it effortlessly removes them.

Whether you are working for a restaurant, or just concerned about your kitchen, the product functions perfectly for your kitchen furniture. If for some reason your cabinet gets greasy or just gets smoke stains, then this one-time action cleanser is the answer for you.

It is a multipurpose formula for all types of dirt found in the kitchen. It works amazingly for all types of mess in your kitchen area. The product not only works for the greasy surfaces but it cuts across dust and grime. It is, therefore, perfect for dust found on blades of the fan with just one swipe with paper towels.

Fantastik cleanses well and adds sparkling effect on the surfaces. The product cuts grease completely and leave the surfaces sparkling clean. For a stove, you can easily get rid of the oil spillages which are left after cooking. For the most stubborn areas like base plate which is under the burners, you will have the streaks out by easily with Fantastik. With quality paper towels and oil-free cloth, you will have fun using the product on your kitchen surfaces.

Fantastik specializes in cleansing the appliances in the kitchen. For the white or black appliances, it will leave them squishy clean and sparkling. Glass furniture requires wiping after washing because of the greasy residue left on them. To the appliances with glass tops, Fantastik leave them sparkling after a single wipe. Fantastik wipes grease than anything else you have ever seen.

The product cuts grease with just one application. It is specifically designed to deal with tough messes you find in the kitchen which normal soaps cannot eliminate. it becomes hard to keep your kitchen clean because most recipes require oils and spillages during cooking.

With the Fantastik product, it becomes easy to keep the kitchen clean without sticking oils on your furniture and appliances.

Quality of the kitchen cleaner for grease

The product is of high quality, which cuts across all the needs in your kitchen for grease clean. It is a citrus action product with citrus as the main ingredient. It cleanses everything in the kitchen with one action. To the greasy furniture, it leaves no residue and leaves them sparkling clean. it is the best formula for your kitchen and does not hesitate on any type of dirt found in the kitchen.


The product is all around cleanser for the kitchen’s needs. It performs effectively by a simple action. It is enabled to deal with tough messes found in the kitchen from the kitchen slabs to the dirty ceiling fans. Regardless of the type of dirt in your kitchen, Fantastik is well able to clean it. It leaves the house smelling fresh.


  • It is effective with one application.
  • Fantastik does not leave a smeary residue after cleaning.
  • It comes in mild scent for people who dislike fragrances.
  • It is designed for all kitchen messes from dust to grease etc.
  • It has zero fabric instructions.
  • It leaves the surfaces very clean and sparkling.
  • After cleaning the surfaces with the formula they look as good as new.


  • It is dangerous to use it on an electrical appliance when they are plugged in.


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#4: Stanley Kitchen Cleaner for Grease

Are you having trouble removing stains, grease, and dirt in your kitchen? Look no farther. Stanley Home Products is a perfect multi-purpose degreaser for the domestic kitchen, home, and commercial use. This formula dissolves grime and grease in seconds. Also, it works in full action in soft and hard water. It is twice concentrated compared to its previous counterpart and functions twice as much.

STANLEY Kitchen Cleaner for Grease
STANLEY HOME PRODUCTS Original Degreaser – Removes Stubborn Grease & Grime – Powerful Multipurpose Cleaning Solution for Home & Commercial Use (2 Pack)

It is a two-pack powerful multi-purpose. The formula is effective in removing dirt, grease and grime fro kitchen furniture, dishes, laundry, wood furniture, equipment, and tools. It is a perfect cleanser for the whole household and all the chores in your home.

Highlighted Features Stanley Kitchen Cleaner for Grease

A single bottle makes a powerful solution of 32 gallons. It is, therefore, a very cost-effective formula for the homestead. It, therefore, becomes one of the best multi-purpose products in the market. It dissolves the grease and grime whether in the hard or soft water because it is a strong solution.

It easily dissolves grime and grease in a few seconds. It is an amazing formula that does the tough cleaning for your household. Whether it is simple dirt or build up grease, the formula will work in a few seconds. In fact, nothing stops its action whether the water is hard or soft. In commercial entities like industries, this degreaser is amazing.

It is a multi-purpose cleanser – it removes dirt, grease, grime, and stains from your laundry. With Stanley Home Products Degreaser you save your money from buying different degreasers for different chores in your household. It works magic in cleaning your kitchen, laundry, garage, wooden furniture, and all washable tools.

It is a powerful formula that cuts across grease and grime in a few seconds and comes in different size options of 2- count package and 4-count package; depending on your needs. it is, therefore, a convenient and an ideal product for home or commercial use. it accommodates everyone regardless of anyone’s needs


It is a powerful product. With one bottle, you will mix 32 gallons of powerful mixture for all your household needs. It dissolves grease and grime for less than five seconds. In fact, the formula is not limited to soft water but works well even in hard water. Stanley Home Product Degreaser is double concentrated compared to the former formula.


Just as its name says, the formula is an effective degreaser. Having double concentration means double action. It is effective in all types of water, it works in grease and grime by dissolving them and removes all types of dirt effectively. It is a multi-purpose cleaner and performs well in all house chores effectively.


  • It is a multi-purpose cleanser.
  • It has a double concentration compared to the other version.
  • Stanley Home Product Degreaser is cost-effective because a single bottle mixes with 32 gallons of water for a strong mix.
  • One product has two bottles of the mixture.
  • It is convenient because you can use it for all types of water.
  • Their manufacturers are trusted brand which has been in the market since 1932.
  • Unlike other cleansers, this product if perfect for wooded furniture.
  • When eating and unfortunately have stains on your clothes simply put a few drops on the stain and they dissolve immediately.


  • This product is scent-free.


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#5: Krud Kutter KR01 kitchen cleaner

The tough task remover is an amazing formula for a limitless number of things. It is a solvent that is hard on grease, stains, and dirt but soft on surfaces and fabrics. The product is detergents, emulsifiers, and biodegradable contents. Emulsifiers take care of greasy and gooey surfaces; detergents take care of build-up dirt etc. Its the best kitchen cleaner for grease.

Krud Kutter KR01 Clear Tough Task Remover kitchen cleaner
Krud Kutter KR01 Clear Tough Task Remover with No Odor, 1 Gallon

It has a different usage compared to other cleaners in the market. With Krud Kutter you apply the product directly on the surface which you let settle for some time and then wipe it off with a wet towel. For extreme tasks, you allow the formula to settle for a long while then wipe it off.

Highlighted Features

Krud Kutter specializes in removing tough surfaces with, oil, grease, grime, goo problems. it is a perfect laundry stain remover. It is safe for all washable fabrics and colorfast fabrics including cotton, its blends, and synthetics.

The formula is a perfect task remover because of its content. It is a liquid with a blend of biodegradable surfactants, emulsifiers, and detergents. It is a biodegradable, non-flammable, nonabrasive and non-toxic solution.

It is safe with zero petroleum solvents, ammonia, or bleach which makes it perfect for fabrics. it has close to zero odor and that makes it perfect for people with allergies. it is simple to use the solution. You apply it directly on the surface for a brief moment and then wipe it off with a towel.

The product just like its name state is a tough task remover. yes, it removes stubborn stains from the surfaces and protects fragile fabrics and surfaces like laminated floor, etc. the formula removes paint overspray, blood, drinks spillage, drink adhesive, acid drops, smoke stains, blood stains, etc.

It has specified work on the clothing, cinder block, metal vinyl, Plexiglas, hard surfaces, concrete, aluminum, glass wood, etc.


The product is a high-quality formula. It comes with a limitless feature on its specification. The water solution has detergents, emulsifiers, and biodegradable content. The content ensures that the formula cleanses, protects and dissolves greasy and gooey patches on the surfaces. It is simple and has zero scents and therefore, no need for breathing masks. it is fast in action and no energy required in cleaning.


The formula cut across all stubborn stains. Whether you are dealing with sweat stains or a stain on the shoe, this formula deals with them un-selectively. After washing with Krud Kutter the without leaving unpleasant odor and protects the surface from damage. Unlike other cleansers, this product does not cause skin irritation but rather leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth.


  • The cleaner is a multipurpose formula that cleanses everything in the household.
  • It does not cause skin irritation.
  • It protects fabrics, clothes, and surfaces after usage.
  • It removes even the impossible and stubborn stains in your house.
  • It is approved and certified by NSF
  • It has a specific standard of safety.
  • The formula is perfect for humid areas for mildew removal.
  • Apart from cleaning floors, the product is perfect for tough surfaces like concrete.
  • The formula removes stains from the surfaces without tampering with the colors on the surfaces.


  • The product is odorless.


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#6: GP66 Green Miracle kitchen Cleaner for Grease Super Size

Life just got easier with GP66 Green Miracle Cleaner Super Size. It is one of the easy to clean products in the market today. It cleans effortlessly, and you won’t need heavy cleaning on tough surfaces like BBQ grill or stains on your carpets. It leaves the surface completely clean without leaving a greasy residue.

Green Miracle Cleaner Super Size Kitchen Cleaner for Grease
GP66 Green Miracle Cleaner Super Size! From GP66 (32 oz.) removes the toughest dirt grease and grime from just about anything ovens hardwood floors stove tops stainless steel cabinets grills and more!

It is a new way of cleaning efficiently, safely, and fast. It was first intended for industries but has now been highly accepted for domestic use widely. It is a formula with the ability to clean just everything in your household, leaving no greasy residue behind. Think about just anything, including all types of floors and carpets. Besides, the detergent has been in the market since 1966. It can, therefore, be trusted.

Highlighted Features

It has chemical components that deal with grease, grime, and dirt utterly and completely. The chemical elements break down the adhesion between the surface and dirt or oil. Secondly, it emulsifies the grease and grime on the surface, which is a way of dislodging and dissolving oily dirt. At last, it mixes the dirt with water and leaves the surface sparkling clean.

GP66 Green Miracle Cleaner is a strong cleaner, which is also biodegradable. It is, therefore, perfect for laundry detergent, which is strong enough to deal with greasy clothes. Interestingly, it is a sufficiently robust detergent to clean the engines and gentle for washing carpets.

It is a multi-purpose cleaner able to clean just anything in your household. It is all around which clean from floors (all types of floors), garage, computer cabinets, steel, laundry, kitchen furniture, and appliances, etc.

It is a heavy-duty formula that can be diluted with water. With just one bottle of concentrated GP66 Green Miracle Cleaner, you make 16 regular bottles of concentrated cleanser. It, therefore, saves you money and time.

It can remove the most stubborn dirt, grime, and grease, leaving no residue. It is a water-based formula, strong enough to meet all your cleaning needs in the whole household and industries. A unique aspect of the detergent is its ability to penetrate through the surface and unclogs dirt on the surface. Unlike plain water, which has a film that prevents water from penetrating through the surface, the formula breaks the tension in water.

The detergent is an NSF approved product. It is safe, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable. You are, therefore, assured safety when using the product.


The product is 100% effective and an approved detergent. It is useful and able to meet the house cleaning needs. It is strong enough to remove grease, grime, and built-up dirt from your hard surfaces and very gentle for smooth items like carpets and laundry. Its quality is approved and has been in the market since 1966. With GP66, you can simply clean anything easily faster for just a short period.


This detergent cleans entirely, leaving zero greasy residues behind. Its chemical components allow it to deal with dirt and oily surfaces permanently. Also, it is a highly concentrated formula that adds fast action to it. Besides, it works effectively when mixed with water; concentrated GP66 makes 16 regular bottles.  It is a beneficial product with its do-it-all feature.


  • It meets all your household cleaning needs.
  • One concentrated bottle of GP66 bottle makes 16 regular bottles hence saving your money.
  • Its chemical components take action on the grease, grime, and dirt, unclogging it completely.
  • It is an NSF approved product.
  • It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • GP66 comes in different colors of Red, Yellow, White, and Blue.
  • It is formulated as the toughest dirt in your household.


  • It is mildly scented.


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#7: KRUD KUTTER PC326 PC32 Prepaint Cleaner for grease

It is hectic and requires a lot of time and energy when cleaning, and etching your wall before repainting it.  The formula does all the pre-painting cleaning for you. With KRUD KUTTER PC326 PC32 Prepaint Cleaner, you save yourself from sanding the wall for hours.  It is perfect and safe for all types of paint, like varnish, polyurethane, and lacquer.

KRUD KUTTER PC326 PC32 Prepaint Cleaner / kitchen cleaner
KRUD KUTTER PC326 PC32 Prepaint Cleaner/TSP Substitute, 32-Ounce, Original Version

The cleaner removes all types of dirt on your walls, such as grime, grease, wallpaper paste, wax, smoke, and unpainted wood. It works perfectly by removing painting on your walls and spray used on graffiti. It is a spray formula that makes it easy to use on walls. After cleaning your wall with KRUD KUTTER PC326 PC32 Prepaint Cleaner, you can repaint it after ten minutes.

Highlighted Features

The formula is specified for cleaning and etching surfaces like walls, doors, cabinets, and hard surfaces before painting them. It saves you a lot of time and energy sanding and preparing your surfaces. After using this spray, your surfaces look new and regain a new face and ready for repainting. It provides a perfect adhesion, especially on greasy and gloss surfaces.

It is formulated to remove tough and stubborn stains such as mildew, smoke, dirt, and grease and leaves the surfaces looking fresh and new. It leaves the surface ready for repainting within ten minutes.

Its components make it possible for you to repaint your wall immediately after using it. Unlike ordinary ways of cleaning, which is both hectic and leaves your wall wet, this formula leaves your wall ready for repainting after ten minutes.

It is a safe product, and NSL approved cleanser. Unlike other chemical products, this one is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable, and free from xylene.

It is safe to use this product on all types of paints, lacquer, polyurethane, and varnish. It is an original product that has been in the market for many years.


KRUD KUTTER PC326 PC32 Prepaint Cleaner is a high-quality product. It safe and approved product that helps you with all prep time preparations before repainting surfaces.  It is an active formula specified for dealing with tough stains like smoke, dirt, mildew, food, grease, grime, etc. After using this cleanser, you can repaint your surfaces from 10 minutes to a week’s time.


It is no fun task cleaning your wall or any painted surfaces. With the formula, you save time and energy on dirty and greasy painted surfaces. It is the fastest product in the market for removing stains and paints in a few minutes. Whether it is oily, grime, or dirt stains, this product is the best for such tasks. It is unlimited, even to two to three layers of paints. It is not only fast but also allows you to repaint your wall immediately after cleansing.


  • It allows you to repaint your wall after a few minutes.
  • It is the fastest spray for stains removal.
  • It is safe and works on all types of paints.
  • A third-party expert approves it.
  • It has trustworthy manufacturers who have been in the market for long.
  • It is an original product without counterparts and, therefore, trustworthy.
  • It is a high-quality cleaner that does not destroy or damage surfaces.


  • For many layers of paint, you should let the formula settle for a few minutes before wiping it out.


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#8: Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream for grease

We all need a cabinet cream to remove cooking oil spillage and other food stains that easily clog on our cabinets. Apart from that, creams rejuvenate cabinets’ surfaces leaving a natural appearance. It as well prevents kitchen cabinets from cracking and drying. Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream does all that and some more.

Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream for grease
Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream 8oz, 8 ounces, White

It is an approved formula; trusted with wood care and polishing, leaving your cabinets sparkling clean. It is from a trusted brand that has been in the market for over a century (1877 with the cream. You are assured of fresh cabinets that look as good as new.

Highlighted Features

It is safe and comes with a straightforward manual. It is, therefore, a perfect formula for your daily chores. It gently removes all the greasy and grimy dirt from your kitchen cabinets, leaving them looking new. It effortlessly cleans all the fingerprints and oily residue, which are left every time you use your kitchen.

The cream protects, rejuvenates, and protects your cabinets. With the formula, you can easily remove dirt and grease from your kitchen cabinet. Its components do not contain wax, silicon, or any harmful ingredients which could be detrimental to you or destroys your cabinets. It leaves a new impression on your cabinets.  Its clean effect on your kitchen cabinets last long and prevent drying and cracking.

It rejuvenates old and rough cabinets in your kitchen. Before thinking about changing your old kitchen cabinets, you should consider this formula. It transforms your old and rough cabinets into new and rejuvenated ones. It brings out the original color before the dirt and other residues.

It is gentle on the finishing and rough on the greasy dirt clogging on your cabinets. Of course, you would like to keep the wood finishing since it gives your wooden cabinets some sort of class. This formula does not tamper with your finishing.

It is a fast action formula. With the cream, grease, grime, and dirt melt on the sponge as you clean, go about with the cleaning process.


It is hard to clean wood or even make them shine, but with Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream, you get precisely that. The product has crossed over generations because of the impression created by it. In fact, the brand has a great history of caring for wooden products for years. All types of dirt melt on your cleaning sponge quickly. It is approved as one of the best cabinet cleaners in the market.


It is safe to conclude that the cream is a fast formula. It cleanses greasy, grime, dirt, and fingerprints left when you use your kitchen. It is tough on dirt but gentle on your wood finishing. When you decide on tackling general cleaning chores in your kitchen, then this formula will make it easy and less overwhelming for you.


  • It is fast compared to other creams in the market.
  • The cream protects your wood, especially the finishing from damage.
  • It has a long history and hence reliable.
  • The formula rejuvenates your cabinets and leaves them looking as good as new.
  • Its components are environmentally friendly and protect even you from harm.
  • It deals with greasy, grime, and tough mess created in your kitchen.
  • A third party approves it.


  • It is not scented.


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#9: Spray Nine 26832 Heavy-Duty degreaser for kitchen

You need a versatile detergent in your cleaner’s arsenal. Spray Nine is a heavy-duty that comes in three actions, such as disinfecting, cleaning and degreasing in one packet for kitchen. It is a fantastic cleaner, which is perfect for indoor chores and the outside environment. Having one product for different actions will save you money and time.

Spray Nine 26832 Heavy-Duty degreaser for kitchen
Spray Nine 26832 Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser and Disinfectant, 32 oz.

It is suggested application for all household equipment, tools, stainless steel, fiberglass, engines, painted metals, tires, sinks, ceilings, toilet exteriors, etc.  It is a strengthened professional cleaner enabled to carryout cleaning all over your house and garage. It takes out soils fast and tough stains that are not removable with regular soaps.

Highlighted Features

It is versatile. Spray Nine is a perfect formula specified for all-around cleaning needs. It is not limited indoors cleaning, such as bathrooms and kitchens, but outdoor cleaning as well. You will quickly get rid of dirt from gutters and siding and leaving them germ-free for the longest time. You can use it on hot tubs, yard tools, and lawn-mowers. It is perfect for BBQs and patio furniture. It will work correctly for all working environments such as industries, offices, households, and automotive.

Perfectly cleans the surfaces leaving no greasy residue behind. It is specially formulated to weaken clogging dirt on the covers. It lifts dirt and traps it for easy cleaning and rinsing off surfaces. You should know that despite its ability to clean correctly, the washing does not bleach. S

Spray Nine degreases oily and gooey surfaces. It is a heavy-duty formula which is non-solvent and VOC compliant widely. It is safe for you and the surfaces you use it on and has zero petroleum and chlorine solvents.

It is a disinfectant. Using Spray Nine ensures that you live in germs free environment with its disinfecting action. The formula kills 99.9% germs in ten seconds, bacteria in 45 seconds, and viruses in 30 sec. You will have your children play on the yards without worrying about their health or chances of getting in touch with diseases caused by germs.

It is one of the most versatile among your cleaners. Spray Nine is a heavy-duty which tackles most of your toughest chores in your homestead. It does not shy away from dealing with germs, grease, grime, gooey, and stained surfaces. It is famous for its triple threat action, which is a feature that lacks in most of the cleaners in the market.

The product offers professional strength and performance in the tasks. It is a savior to people who love the DIY type of cleaning because it requires little energy and time.  Amazingly it carries out the functions without corrosive chemicals and does not bleach.

It is the fastest stain remover. Just spray on the affected areas and watch dirt and grease melt within a few seconds. With such a fast action formula, you can have the whole household sparkling clean within minutes without outsourcing the work to cleaning agencies. Whether it’s a big mess or inconspicuous spot, it will deal with it in a few seconds.

For individuals who are affected by strong scents, this formula got you covered. Its smell is mild and does not cause allergic reactions.


It is, without a doubt a high-quality cleaner. Well, this formula is known as a triple-action cleaner. Spray Nine deals with troublesome stains in your home in seconds. It is an amazing and versatile cleaner, which is perfect for all the cleaning needs in your household. It crosses the needs from garages, kitchen to industrial environments. Besides, it is approved by NSF and EPA agencies. Also, it does not bleach or uses corrosive chemicals.


It is a fast action formula. When you get this product, you are assured of less overwhelming cleaning, and probably you will not lift a muscle. With spraying on the affected area, all types of dirt melt within a few seconds. It is one of the best mold and mildew control in your yard. It cleans clogging dirt, degreases, and disinfects the surfaces.


  • It is a very versatile product.
  • It cleanses, degreases, and disinfects surfaces.
  • It is a fast formula that works for seconds.
  • It is perfect in removing animal wastes.
  • It is an effective cleaner on hard surfaces and does not bleach.
  • EPA and NSF approve of it.
  • It entirely removes wet stains from clothes and car seats.
  • On wood furniture, it works well but will caution.


  • It could damage the wood finishing if used without caution.


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#10: SuperClean 32oz MultiSur face Degreaser Spray for kitchen clean

Cleaning is a tough job which becomes overwhelming if you are dealing with oils and stains. It is agreeable that all soaps can remove grease and clogging dirt but will require a muscle to do so. Even if they do, they leave a greasy residue on the surface. But why would you spend so much time and energy while you can have the dirt off in seconds with superClean formula?

SuperClean 32oz MultiSur face All-Purpose Degreaser Spray for kitchen clean
SuperClean 101786 32oz Multi-Surface All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser Spray, Biodegradable, Full Concentrate, Scent Free, 32 Ounce

Well, this formula is a super fast and industrial powerful cleaner. It cuts across all the stubborn stains, grime and grease leaving the surfaces sparkling clean.

Highlighted Features

It is a fast action formula which dissolves all the grease and grime on the surfaces. It is a specified formula for filth, all type of oils, dirt and tar. It is an excellent solution to your automobile areas such as garages or industrial environment. It is a spray which is biodegradable, very concentrated for full action and scent-free.

SuperClean has industrial strength to deal with tough grime, oils and tough stains. Even with its superpower, the formula is environmentally friendly phosphate-free and biodegradable. It is an outstanding water-based cleaner in the market.

It is an ideal formula designed for toughest tasks. It is a full-strength formula which does what a regular soap cannot remove.

You can make 16 regular bottles of the formula with one bottle of SuperClean. It is super concentrated formulas which remain active even after diluting it. You can as well use it undiluted for faster action if need be.

The application includes hard surfaces like floor mats, wheels, engines, boats, RV’s, golf clubs and fishing pods.


Well, this product is a high-quality product. It is an outstanding water formula which specializes in dealing with tough cleaning tasks. Whether it is a speck of old clogging dirt or stain it melts them away in seconds. It is perfect for the whole homestead.


Whether you are working with a diluted mixture or its concentrated formula, the action is the same. It is super fast with industrial strength. It is a degreaser and squishy cleaner. It’s a specialized cleaner for tough stains and grease which ordinary soaps cannot remove.


  • It can be diluted and hence cost-friendly.
  • SuperClean contains industrial strength.
  • It cuts off grease and grime and clogging dirt.
  • It is a perfect automotive and domestic cleaner.
  • It is harmless and biodegradable.


  • The formula is odourless, which could be a disadvantage to those who love scents.


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Cleaning greasy kitchen cabinets: What you should know?

One of the biggest nightmares when it comes to cleaning kitchens, especially kitchen cabinets, is cleaning grease. If you type ‘cleaning kitchen’ on YouTube, you will get a lot of DIY suggestions. However, these suggestions miss one crucial thing — efficiency. When it comes to cleaning, no one wants to compromise on efficiency.

The next option when it comes to cleaning greasy kitchen cabinets, you can never go wrong with specialized cleaning detergents. Unlike decades ago, the soaps are affordable and available. The availability and specialization do not mean that all products are right — or will give better results. You can buy from our selection of “best kitchen cleaner for Grease

What to Consider before Buying the kitchen cleaner for grease?

When looking for a kitchen cleaner to remove grease from your kitchen, the following are some of the things you should consider.

Safety assurance

The market for kitchen cleaners is saturated with many products. Some products are safe to use while others pose a danger to the user — during and after use. Therefore, as a buyer, you should always pay close attention to products.

How do you know that a product is safe to use?

First, check labels that come with the cleaner. If the product does not capture safety measures, that is a red flag, and you should avoid the product. In some cases, generic and vague security instructions is also a red flag in the world of kitchen cleaners.

Second, an ideal kitchen cleaner should indicate how you are supposed to dress when using a particular product. If you need gloves, for example, the product should show the types of gloves required to use the product. If the cleaning option is vague on the safety measures necessary to use a product, you should avoid the cleaning option.

The cleaning formula

Different companies have different approaches when it comes to making cleaning detergents. Therefore, it is correct to state that not all detergents have the same method and therefore, different cleaning options give different results.

How should you know which detergent has the right formula?

If you want to remove residues, for example, you should only invest in a cleaning option that has a residue-free formula. Companies have wordings that enable you as a consumer to know what to expect from a product.

When selecting a product based on a formula, it is also important to note that your choice has a direct connection to the degreaser’s effectiveness and general performance when cleaning. Therefore, you should be extra careful when selecting cleaning options.

The concentration of the solutions

One of the most ignored aspects when buying cleaning options is the concentration of the solution. Different companies pack degreasers differently depending on their target market. In this market, however, there are two types of concentrations — diluted degreasers and concentrated cleaners.

Which concentration option is ideal for your cleaning routine?

Both concentration options are ideal for all cleaning duties. However, you should understand the following;

Concentrated degreasers require extra work which is diluting the mixture in order to attain the right cleaning formula. If done well, this means that you have the freedom to curate a cleaning method. However, if it is your first time to use concentrated cleaning detergent, you should be careful during the process.

For diluted degreasers, you do not have to spend hours coming up with an ideal cleaning concentration. The manufacturer has a magical concentration number which will give you the right results. You also do not need any special gear during the mixing process. However, you may be required to spend more on the degreaser compared to other people investing in concentrated cleaning options.

Other vital factors to consider when investing in degreasers include the following;

The governmental regulations on cleaning and environmental impact. Some detergents have more impact than others when it comes to environmental impact.

You should also consider the brand when investing in cleaning detergents. Some detergents are better than others, mainly because of the manufacturing company.

How to clean greasy kitchen using a degreaser

Cleaning a kitchen is one of the most tiresome experience for any homeowner. The grease, which is mostly associated with the kitchen is arguably the hardest thing to clean in a home. Luckily, with a degreaser, you can clean your kitchen with minimal effort.

The following are some of the critical steps to follow when cleaning the greasy kitchen.

Put on cleaning gear

Although most degreasers are harmless to the human body, it is advisable to wear protective gear. The goal is to make sure that your hands and body do not come into contact with the degreaser. If you are uncertain about the gear you should wear, always ensure you cover legs and hands.

Use the degreaser to apply the areas you are cleaning

This step is one of the key steps in ensuring that your kitchen is clean. However, in order to maximize the degreaser’s ability and strength, you should wait for at least five minutes before starting the cleaning process. The main goal is to ensure that the degreaser works on the grease stuck on your kitchen surfaces.

Rinse the kitchen surface

After cleaning the kitchen surface with your favorite degreaser, it is important to rinse the surface immediately. During this stage, you will know if you need to start the cleaning process again or the cleaning results matched your expected results.

How Kitchen Cleaner Formula Works

Kitchen cleaner Formulas are substances, which usually are in liquid, spray, granule, and powder forms. Their primary purpose is the cleaning and removing bad odours from the surfaces. Kitchen cleaning needs are many such as cleaning cabinets, electrical appliances, furniture, taps, sink and utensils. Kitchens are known with grease, gooey, fingerprints, clogging dirt, grime and unpleasant odours. For that reason, the need to have the right cleaning formula is paramount.

Depending on your needs; kitchen formulas are many and come with various actions. The following are some of their work of kitchen cleaning formula in your kitchen area.


Many of the kitchens cleaning formulas are perfect degreasers. The kitchen area is full of oily dirt and grime. Mainly dirt in kitchens comes from food spillage when you are cooking or the oil from utensils. Regular soaps remove grease yes, but leave a greasy residue on the surfaces.

Therefore, most kitchen cleaners specify on this action. They clean sparkling clean. To some, they create an adhesion between the surface and dirt and thus remove the dirt altogether. Having these cleaning formulas make cleaning less overwhelming and fast.

Fingerprints and grime on the cabinet are impossible to clean with ordinary soaps and therefore, these formulas come in handy cut through oily and grime dirt.


One of the primary purposes of kitchen cleaning formulas is cleaning. It is meant to deal with tough and stubborn stains and clogging dirt which regular soaps find hard to deal with. They, therefore, penetrate the surfaces and melt the dirt from the roots. Water doesn’t penetrate in surfaces because of a film on them which create a barrier on the surface. These formulas, therefore, come in and help deal with these stubborn stains and dirt leaving the surfaces looking as good as new.


There is always a need to keep the kitchen area germs and viruses free. The reason is apparent; because it is the cooking and cleaning area. The formulas, therefore, come into place with disinfecting action. Not all cleaners sanitize, but many of them contain disinfectants. They deal with germs, viruses and bacteria in seconds leaving the area germ free.

Removing unpleasant odours

Most kitchen cleaners come with pleasant and mild scents. These fragrances are paramount since the kitchen area is prone to funny smells from food, spices, and dirty water. It is therefore vital to have mild aromas in the cleaning formulas.

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